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Funniest pick up line
Posted 7/14/09
My classmate said this once: (not to me of course..XD)

"You're like poo. I can't resist you."
Posted 7/14/09
This one pretty normal... I used these sometimes...;;
"Could you kiss me so i can tell my friend that i've been kissed by an angel?"

"You must be going to hell, 'cause it is a sin to look that good"

"I know that Milk does the body good, but wow, how much have you been drinking?"

"I'm betting that you can't wait until tommorow, 'cause i bet that you get more and more beautiful everyday"

Here's something cracking for me;;
"Do I know you from somewhere, 'cause i don't regonize you with your clothes on"

"Hey baby, you must be a light switch, 'cause every time i see you, you turn me on!"

"Roses are res, violets are corny, when i think of you babes it makes me so HORNY!!!"

"I want triplets, you want twins. Let's get in bed and see who wins!"

"Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
Speed, weed & birth control
lifes a bitch, then u die,
so f*ck the world
let's get high"
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32 / M / Where the future...
Posted 7/14/09
"Was your father a meat thief? Because it looks like someone stole two fine hams and shoved 'em down the back of your dress." Line from the movie Ladies Man

Or the always popular: "I drive a ___________________." (Insert high-end car brand name)
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25 / M
Posted 7/14/09
I lost my teddy. Can I sleep with you tonight?
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29 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 7/14/09

FastEddie_aka_Elvis wrote:

h4x0rz wrote:

rich kids are stupid ....

... so are threads on Internet discussion forums...

well, there are good and bad ways to be stupid...
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F / Heaven
Posted 7/14/09
Ok this made me lol.

Is your name Gillette? Because you’re the best a man can get!

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28 / M / in your pants
Posted 7/14/09
Too lazy to read all the other pages and mi internet connection is slow, hope none of these have been taken.

Hey baby, your venom and i've contracted your poison.

Hi, My name is Robert Lousure.

Will you bear my children?

Care for a little boom boom in the bedroom?

I saw you and farted the fart of lust. Wanna fuck?

Chuck Norris sez he would like to watch us have sex. Her answer- No. Go away. Dumbass-You do know that everything chuck says happens right. * Dumbass says 5 random Chuck Norris Jokes*

Heres 50 bucks. Blow me.
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27 / F / That's a good que...
Posted 7/14/09
" I lost my Teddy Bear, Can I sleep with you? "
That's weird if a guy said it to you.
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25 / F / Downunder
Posted 7/14/09
You're like a baloon I like to blow

p1 - Can I try you're glasses? I need my eyes checked...
p2 - Sure
p1 - *puts glasses on*
WOW! You're cute!

If I had a list of all the cute things, you'd be number 1

Everyone says there are more fish in the sea, but I'm not done trying to catch you yet

You're the secret ingrediant that makes this cake sweet

I gave my friend this chocolate cake and he said that it's too sweet... I should've said, "not as sweet as you"

Posted 7/14/09
Is your dad a terrorist, coz you're the bomb!!!
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26 / F / United States
Posted 7/14/09
did you fart, cause you blew me away
if you were a booger, i'd pick you first
i'm not fred flintstone but i can make your bed rock
was your dad a baker cause you have a nice set of buns
Posted 7/15/09
Do you believe in love at first site or do I have to walk by again?
You must be a parking ticket cuz you have fine written all over you.
Can you count? Then you better count on spending the night.
Is that dress felt? Would you like it to be?
You look like my next girlfriend.
Sorry to come between you two ladies. Or am I?
My feet are getting cold cuz you knocked my socks off.
Can I borrow your library card cuz I want to check you out.
I'll be your Burger King if you be my Dairy Queen. If you treat me right I'll do it your way.
Posted 7/30/09
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25 / M / Germany
Posted 7/31/09
My friend told one stupid on purpose and got slapped .Hm but i dont understand the slapping she overdid it i think .

im an Alien tarned as your handy.the Buttons that u r playing with are my genitals.Upon your smile can i see that u like it

think it was like that im not able to remember well but it was fucking funny how he came back

Not good in translating
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24 / F / under your bed.
Posted 7/31/09
in the queue at macdonalds once and heard in front of me:
a guy asked for a big mac, the girl served at the counter served him it, and he replied "Do you want a bit of my Big Mac?" she just said "next customer please"

me and my mate laughed at him :).
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