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New Front Page =D
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22 / F / Canada.
Posted 2/21/09
I remember the other page was better, but I basically totally forgot what it looks like. -_____-
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22 / F / Aus
Posted 2/23/09
i need to get used to this one >.<

its nice tho!
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24 / F / Mayb on earth.....
Posted 3/9/09
I lyked da old 1 better den dis......
it was less complicating....
but da new 1 iz very organized......
i still think da old 1 wz better tho
..... .
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66 / M
Posted 3/20/09
Shinji, your security for subtitle is very weak.

Take a look at this - HorribleSubsLeader Feedback on crunchyroll subtitle:

Fansub team - Horrible Subs is actively stealing your subtitle and republish them on torrent site.

Weeks of streaming video with subtitle exactly same as crunchyroll version.

Downloadable at , the fact is they only release what can be found through crunchyroll anime membership video.

I am sure they release hitman reborn,naruto shippuuden, linebarrel of iron,shugo chara and those are streamable at crunchyroll.

Shinji please do something to the way your code is being decoded, else no point in paying for Anime Membership where torrent are so easily obtain then upload ILLEGAL to other streaming network.

HorribleSubsLeader Says:
28 February 2009 at 3:29 am

Having reversed RTMPE fully i can tell you the subtitle are still loaded in the memory at the very beginning (encrypted) and they’re only decoded for display and then removed from memory directly.
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23 / F / In my House.
Posted 3/21/09
Hmm, I could go with this structure! It's pretty much easier and there's more things that could be clicked and explored for new comers, like me! ;P i enjoy this site. Thanks!
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21 / F / lalaland =3
Posted 3/23/09
I'm getting used to it now! ^^ don't even remember how the old one looked like! ~
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23 / F / Floating in the s...
Posted 3/26/09

Posted 4/9/09
This is an old thread...
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