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Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08

Fahrenheit solo profit: Chun makes 10 million

4 members of Fahrenheit's salary big contrast, Chun makes over 10 million this year, Calvin makes nothing solo, fans complain about unfairness to company.

During the first half of the year, Chun has done drama, commercial, movie, in the speed of light, his personal salary has already reached over 10 million, the highest among the 4 members of Fahrenheit. Recently, there's fans complaining for Calvin, directly pointing at HIM, Comic for being too unfair, because this year Chun, Arron, Jiro all got to be in new dramas, while only Calvin has none.

Fahrenheit has became a group for 3 years, this year Chun has endorsed a 3 million dollar contract with Supau sports drink, which is already comparable to Ella, who has been in the industry for 8 years; Recently he is also filming a new movie "Kungfu Butterfly", being the first out of Fahrenheit to step into the film industry. Calvin's annual salary depend on Fahrenheit's group activities, his solo income is zero.

A few days ago, Fahrenheit went to Malaysia for Canon camera promotion, Calvin was almost hit on the head with a water bottle by excited fans. Fahrenheit's manager explains, recently they were about to sign a new drama for Calvin, but due the the concert schedule in conflict, it had to be refused.

Fahrenheit Chun (left) makes 10 million this year, greatly exceeds the amount made by other members.

Chun makes 10 million in 5 months; Calvin makes 0 solo

Fahrenheit's [top guy] Chun has been extremely popular, with movie, drama, endorsement, his income from the first half of the year has already reached over 10 million, on the other hand, Calvin with past year's "Romantic Princess", "KO ONE", "X-Family" as supporting role, this year he solely relies on Fahrenheit's group to obtain income, his personal profit is zero.

Calvin's fans were complaining on the HIM official web site(, stating that HIM (Record), Comic (Management) "Isn't Calvin treated too unfairly"; the content mentioned Chun being in "Hot Shot", Arron in "MIT", after Jiro filmed "Rolling Love", he signed for "Superstar Express", with only Calvin without any drama, the beneficial difference is too big!

Calvin fans complain

In response to Calvin's angry fans, the manager explains, celebrities have to consider whether they are suitable for certain roles when accepting dramas, recently Calvin was supposed to accept a new drama, but it had to be filmed till September, and with Fahrenheit having to handled by HIM for preparation for concert at the end of August, the deal had to be dropped; Calvin has also revealed that he will have training courses with Fahrenheit during next half year preparing for the concert.

Actually, Calvin's first half of the year has been pretty rough, he had lost 5-6kg due to gastric ulcer, making him from being the thinnest in Fahrenheit to become even thinner; A few days ago when Fahrenheit went to Malaysia to promote for Canon digital camera, he almost got hit on the head with a water bottle by excited fans. However, Fahrenheit are extremely popular there, while fans were chasing their idols, they broke the glass on the escalator, causing extreme danger, good thing the staff members quickly control the situation before leading to any regretable consequences.

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub
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