Post Reply whats the meaning of life?
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08
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Posted 6/13/08
The meaning of life is: what you make of it...
(It's a quote from some guy)
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25 / F / Iwatodai
Posted 6/15/08
the meaning of life is the answer of ur emptiness
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Posted 6/15/08
i beleive life has no pre-destined meaning...
we just have to live through it...
make the better out of it, just try to have a happy life that you create for yourself...
whatever meaning it can have it's the meaning you gave to it. if you think your life is good, then it is; if you think your life sucks, then it does...
you are the only one that can give meaning to your life...
life is just there... we don't ask for it...
life's meaning is a mystery...
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M / Area 11 (Japan)
Posted 6/17/08
meaning of life to me is to have as much fun before i grow to a non adventures person. (enjoy different countries sites and more)
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20 / F / above the core
Posted 6/19/08
well heres a little poem i call
living my days of sorrow

As time passes by,
And the sun falls from the sky,
Only to bring tomorrow,
Another day filled with sorrow,
Just another lonely day,
It passes with not one word I say,
Why am I alive?
Just to be another bee in the hive,
I can’t live,
In a world so repetitive,

Why can’t I be like them?
Why can’t I smile like them?
Love like them?
Be loved like them?

They only remind me,
That I will never be free,
As I watch the world go by,
They can’t see me cry,
I’m sure they don’t care,
They all just stare,
They will never understand,
My blood’s stained these hands,
But if they saw inside me,
How different their thoughts would be,

I just wanna be like them,
I just wanna smile like them,
Love like them,
Be loved like them,

As the day passes by,
And another tear falls from my eye,
I don’t want to see tomorrow,
I’m sick of all the sorrow,
I’ll just question life,
Ease my pain with a knife,
Will it make the news?
Or have teardrops on the pews,
I’d prefer it if the answer was no,
So quietly I’ll go,

thats life
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22 / F / Near You (standing)
Posted 7/4/08
life is a gift from god... you should enjoy it and not waste it
Posted 7/7/08
What is life anyway? You tell me what the meaning of life is. There is no meaning of life. The meaning of life is different for each person in the universe. My meaning of life is perseverance and strength. My meaning of life is the basis of life itself. What is life? Life is the meaning to live.
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24 / F / somewhere in this...
Posted 7/14/08
the meaning of life, huh? Isn't that the question that people have been wondering for centuries...anyways i think that there is no specific meaning of life, its different for each person, and they just have to live life to figure it out.
Posted 10/1/08
Life hasn't a meaning at all.

we just live, that's it
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