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25 / Neptune.
Posted 6/13/08
This is where you will post your created Bleach character for the created Bleach character battle arena.
What you do:
1) Post a pic so we know what you look like.
2) Give a name, age, race (shinigami, vizard, espada, ect.), Zanpaku-to info (pic optional), division seat (if shinigami), bio, personality
3) Any other info you would like to post.

~NOTE: You may only use your character in the Created Bleach character battle arena
~NOTE: You still have to role play as the character you are and still participate in the Soul Scociety Battle arena

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25 / Neptune.
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08
I'll go 1st...

Name: Takashi Tsumogiya
Age: 75 (looks 15)
Race: Shinigami

>Shikai: TsukiSuigen (Moon Water)
(The gold diamond is actually the guard of TsukiSuigen. The black triangle is were the blade goes and the black line on the side is were a metal ring goes. the metal ring hold the black clothe.)

Shikai release command: "Submerge... TsukiSuigen"

Description: The TsukiSuigen is the strongest water based Zanpaku-to. It can remain the shape it's in or it can liquify itself into pure water, which Takashi can manipulate freely. The water can cut through just about anything. Also it can be liquid and still retain its shape and sharpness. The water can also be used to heal, so it's good for his team members that have injuries. It can also allow Takashi to manipulate any body of water TsukiSuigen is touching.
>>The TsukiSuigen has one other Shikai release. Takashi takes his Zanpaku-to ,still in the sheath, and holds it in front of his face. With the Zanpaku-to permission he is allowed to turn, not only the blade, but the sheath into water as well. The water produced by the sheath turns into a water ring and surrounds Takashi, while the blade is thrown in the air and bursts into hundreds of water darts. The water darts stay in the air and fire on Takashi's command, while the ring around him is used for defense. He may only use this technique if TsukiSuigen allows him to. Using this however puts a huge strain on the body as well as TsukiSuigen, only captain class soul reapers can wield this move. Release command, "Rain from the skies, Byaku TsukiSuigen (pale moon water)"

Techniques: While in Shikai the user has no specific techniques beside water manipulation.

>Bankai: TsukiSuigen AkaKage (moon water red shadow)

Description: Bankai of TsukiSuigen is activated by throwing TsukiSuigen high in the air above the user. The blade breaks off from the guard and hilt. the guard and hilt stay in the air and glow an intense gray, looking like the moon. the blade then comes down and stabs the ground right in front of the user. 1 second after the blade stabs the ground it erupts with water, creating over 1000 times as much water than the Shikai form. The water produced stays within a radius of Takashi and never flows away. Any shadow with in the Bankai is turned into red water. Takashi has full manipulation of all the water. (bad news for someone standing in the water)

~Byaku Mizu Ryuu (pale water dragon): Takashi takes some of the clear water and some of the red water to produce a water dragon to attack the enemy.
Sukkira Oni Fuka (clear demon shark): Takashi take only clear water and produces a shark that attacks from below the waters surface.
Kouki Joukei: Uo (final sight: Koi): Takashi takes most of the clear water and all of the red water and produces a giant Koi fish that attacks the enemy on Takashi command. Using this move takes extreme focus and reiatsu.
Kouki Kizu (final cut): Water surrounds Takashi's arms, then bursts out on his back, making wing out of water. Takashi then attacks his opponent a few times with water then flings them in the air. The remaining water is then produced into a huge katana. Takashi does a shunpo and appears next to his opponent and slashes them downwards. When they hit the ground Takashi comes down full force, and slashes them once again, creating a huge crater. Using this move requires more focus than the Kouki Joukei: Uo, as well as the rest of Takashi's reiatsu, his Bankai then disappears after using this move. His right arm is also cut up and mangled (broken) from using this move. Takashi was hospitalized for a week after using this for the first time.

Division Seat: 5th Squad Captain (Formaly 6th seat of 4th Squad)
Bio: Born and raised in the West Rukongai, he lived a good life with his parents and little sister, Ururu Tsumogiya. When Ururu turned 1 a hollow attacked his family, killing his parents. That day he swore he would become a soul reaper to avenge his parents, so he gave Ururu to Kisuke Urahara while he studied to be a soul reaper. He was on Squad 4 for a while do to his Zanpaku-to's ability to heal deep wounds, but he is now the Captain of Squad 5. He is determinded to find and kill the hollow that killed his parents. He hopes that when he finally kills the hollow that he will be able to see Ururu once again.
Personality: Calm and collected. Very serious when fighting.
Other: Master in kido, can do all 99 Bakudō and 57 Hadō without the spirit chant. Doesn't like to kill other than hollows. Only killed 1 shinigami by accident.
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/15/08
Yosh! im next

Name: Daisuke
Age: 14
Race: Arrancar [espada 6]
Released State:

Name:Mensajero oscuro [spanish for Dark Messenger]
Command: Spread the word
Desc: Daisuke is transfromed into Mensajero oscuro by Throwing his zanpactou into the air and catcing it at both ends, and snaps it. The Appearence makes it look like a form of armor but in reality it is actually used for close range attacks rarely [only in a case of emergency] Normaly he uses this form to play tricks on the mind of the opponent. usually most of the techniques usual make the opponent cross over to insanity or make them suicidal..

Ilusiones del infierno (illusions of hell): this technique can only be used 11 times because to perform this daisuke needs to stab the opponent with one of the "spikes" on his wings. after doing this the opponent is sent into a trance where he is transported to hell and all of their worst fears are realized. One of daisuke's power house moves.

Fantasías amargas (Bitter Fantasies): This Attack transforms daisuk into the person closest to the opponent. He uses this quite frequently, since it renders most of the opponents to not be able to attack, but in some cases the opponent has been enraged and ended up having what he calls "assisted suicide"

De la estrella los triunfos negros siempre (The Black star always triumphs): He has never used this technique.. Since he can see into the near future he has seen that he uses this move to protect heuco mundo, ultimatley it kills him, since he has forseen this he swore never to use this again, he would rather heuco mundo be destroyed than his life be taken.

Fortuna mortal (deathly Fortune): Simply daisuke can show his oppenent the near future or their death

Personality: Self centerd, quiet, unaproachable Happy side: Wow
Bio: Daisuke Was transformed into a hollow by no other than former 6th espada grimmjow, also transformed into a hollow and arrancar by him. since his life was short he practiced every day to surpass grimmjow and join the espada ranks, this is all because somebody had told him that if he had reached into the espada ranks he could become human again, unfortuately it was aizen testing him, he has swore to destroy aizen, but he cant because if he does he will be "commiting suicide" as he states.
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26 / M / ~ The New Gotei 1...
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/16/08
I'll try...

Name: Kuroki Shirosaki (黒木 白崎)
Age: 180 (appearance: 27)
Race: Shinigami


Shikai: (constant) Yamato

Description:The Yamato extends by a few meters, with it's handle becoming white. In it's shikai, it has the ability to create floating swords made of energy, that can be summoned anywhere near the user, it can break through most objects by simply striking it.

Techniques: Summoned swords- creates swords out of energy, that can be shot toward the enemy. The sword must be held with both hands to activate.

Bankai: Towards the uncertain Future...Yamato

Description: The Yamato looks the same, as it's Shikai, but with the blade drawn, it reveals a black blade. In it's bankai the user is given a great boost in speed, and has the ability to cut through anything, though kido is unusable. And when the blade it sheathed after each attack, some injuries will recover.

Techniques: Judgment Cut- Unsheathes the sword with blinding speed to cut or skewer an enemy up to three times.
Summoned swords(level 2)- creates swords out of energy, that circle around the user, giving some protection. Able to be activated anytime
Showdown- Unsheathes the sword, with a barrage of slashes.

Division Seat: 9th Squad Captain (former 20th seat of the 4th division)
Bio: Originally, from the 37th district, was born alone, wanting to be helpful, he left to join the Shinigami Academy. While in the Academy, He was too stressed during the first month, but after encouragement from Unohana, he excelled in his studies. After he graduated, he joined the 4th Division, due to seeing Unohana as a mother figure, though his zanpaku-to wasn't meant for healing, he was used to fetch supplies. He was soon transfered to the 9th Division where he quickly rose to captain. He visits the 4th Division most of the time.
Personality: Honest, lazy (paperwork), Cool headed
Other: Has a crush on 4th Division Lieutenant (Isane Kotetsu), Highly skilled in Shunpo, likes to eat sweets
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25 / Neptune.
Posted 6/14/08
Nice entry Gin! Same to you Natsumi!
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23 / F / Death City
Posted 6/16/08
name: Kagekaze Hikari
height: ???
weight: ???
age: 14
hair colour: Black
eye colour: Blue
Zanpakatous: Koori no Hana (ice) and Hinote no Hana (fire)
breif history:

A human who was born with shinigami powers, she is an easy-go-lucky, no-care-at-all type of person... But in serious times, she also gets serious... and you won't be able to believe on what's hidden within her...

Ever since she had been influenced by Soul Society 3 years ago, she had stayed in Europe and America to fight hollows there... She had stayed away from Soul Society because of Yamamotos orders, reasons yet to be known.

I mentioned that she had only been influenced by Soul Society 3 years ago. During that time span, her family was having an outing but a hollow attacked them. This triggered her to unleash some of her powers (kidou). A shinigami saw this and asked her to come with him when he found out that she didn't know anything about the spiritual world. She was entered in the 13th Division and so on and so forth...

As of now, she's struggling between School work and Shinigami work (she helps 5th Squad, you see)

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