Post Reply Which is distribution do you prefer?
Posted 6/13/08
hey guys, I wanted to know which one people prefered in general. I prefer Ubuntu, because of the layout. If you know any other good ones, please share it with us
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23 / M / The Anime World
Posted 6/25/08
Here's a great review of 2008 RC2

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36 / /sbin/
Posted 1/3/09
I prefer to custom build my own Distro using Fedora9 as its base, I would say Fluxbox for the window manager and some additional KDE apps for functionality. Ubuntu is great and all but bloated in comparison to tailoring your own Distro. Although I do love UbuntuStudio, that deserves a partition no matter who you are.
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24 / Ocean..ia
Posted 1/14/09
Ubuntu, the novice C programmer's haven! I cannot believe how long I could've stuck with Windows.
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