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First Things
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Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/13/08
Basically list the first thing in each category below that comes into your head.



Me first

Name: Sohee (W/G)
Song: Tell Me (W/G)
Lyrics: "you're my everything" from Friend (Wonder Girls)
Celeb: aaron yan (flh)
Color: blue
Store: broadcast
Animal: dog
Place: asia
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Posted 6/13/08
Name: Stephanus
Song: Replay(SHINee)
Lyrics: "Forever you're my girl, forever be my world, you are the only one " (Tae Yang)
Celeb: Se7en
Color: Purple
Store: Macy's
Animal: Bird
Place: Korea
Posted 6/13/08
Name: Natsu
Song: I dunno
Lyrics: I dunno
Color: Purple
Store: KFCs
Animal: Cobra
Place: toilet
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24 / F / im just beside yo...
Posted 6/13/08
Name: Mikeil
Song: Please be mine
Lyrics: i will be there right beside u
Celeb: Chris Brown
Color: Red
Store: what about mall??
Animal: Cat
Place: his room
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23 / M
Posted 6/13/08
Name: Aldrin
Song: With You
Lyrics: Cuz if i got u i dont need money, i dont need cars,
girl you're my own
Celeb: Jessica Alba
Color: Blue
Store: mall?
Animal: Dog
Place: Computer room
Posted 8/22/08
Name: Marissa
Song: situations
Lyrics: sitting in this room playing russian roulette finger on the trigger to my dear juliete
Celeb: chris donathan
Color: black
Store: american eagle
Animal: cat
Place: in fron of the computer
Posted 8/22/08
Name: abel
Song: push
Lyrics: only got four minutes tosavetehworld~
Celeb: lindsay
Color: blue
Store: comics connection
Animal: dog
Place: playground
Posted 8/22/08
Name: Cock Sucker 4 u
Song: Chocolate Salty Balls
Lyrics: I Fucked A Girl An I Like It. The Taste Of Her Pussy Is Bitter
Celeb: Jenna Jameson
Color: Period Red
Store: Sex Shop
Animal: Trouser Snake
Place: Vagina
Posted 8/27/08
Name: Alex( does this mean real name???)
Song: save it for the bedroom
Lyrics: heres to the freinds that were alibis
Celeb: Ronnie Radke
Color: silver
Store: abercrombie
Animal: panda
Place: england
Posted 8/27/08
Name: idaho
song: if i should die
Lyrics: if i should die i want the world to know, how i feel inside so i can rest my soul, let out all my secrets before i go, make something out of my life and achieve my goal...
Celeb: Van disel
Color: black and white
Store: Frys
Animal: wolves
Place: tokyo
Posted 8/27/08
name : Gin
song: handlebars
lyrics: "i can end the planet in a holocaust" from the song above
celeb: heidi klum ? xD
color: blue
store: toys r us
animal: cat
place: rooftop
Posted 8/30/08
Name: nathan
Song: wake up
Lyrics: i wasted so much time on a friend
Celeb: adam sandler
Color: purple
Store: barnes and nobles
Animal: chipmunk
Place: my bed
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22 / F
Posted 9/18/08
Song:I say yeah
Celeb:dream street
Place:my house
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27 / F / somewhere, in my...
Posted 10/1/08
Name: Rio
Song: 22 Acacia Avenue
Lyrics: It's a holiday in Cambodia, don't forget to pack a wife.
Celeb: Little Jimmy Urine
Color: green
Store: Guitar Center
Animal: Ardvark
Place: Russia
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/5/08
Name- Diana
Song- Tell me
Lyrics- Tell me, tell me, te-te-te-te-te tell me..
Celeb- Lily Cole
Color- Red
Store- Origo
Animal- Rabbit
Place- Palace
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