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First Things
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28 / F / UAE
Posted 10/5/08
Name- 3loooy
Song- still looking
Lyrics- stilllooking
Celeb- Sheik Zayed
Color- black
Store- ??
Animal- still looking
Place- UAE
Posted 10/5/08
Name - Joseph
Song - Live Your Life
Lyrics - Freakshow
Celeb - Dita Von Teese
Color - Black
Store - National Bookstore
Animal - Domestic Cat
Place - Colombia
Posted 10/13/08
Name: Steve
Song: "Pike," by Polysics
Lyrics: "Cry, cry, cry; It's just you and I; Like an automobile with no one at the wheel; Spinning out of control; We're all over the road; In our sexy machine all the passengers scream scream, scream!"
Celeb: Aaron MacGruder
Color: blue
Store: Target
Animal: octopus
Place: Mt. Fuji

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22 / F / Washington
Posted 10/13/08
Name - Johnny
Song - superstar
Lyrics - "he's my best friend, best of all best friends"
Celeb - Edward Sanders (toby from sweeney todd)
Color - orange
Store - hot topic
Animal - birdie *tweet tweet*
Place - Paris
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25 / F / Coffee shops, Tea...
Posted 10/13/08
Name: Shikamaru
Song: as long as you love me. yahahaha
Lyrics: i dont care.. who you are...
Celeb: jesse mcartney
Color: red
Store: drug store lol
Animal: bunny
Place: school

man. i know i suck
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23 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 10/17/08
Name : Eric
Song : Mirotic
Lyrics : under my skin
Celeb : jun ki
Color : black
Store : Pavilion
Animal : deer
Place : zoo
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25 / M / Under the bed......
Posted 10/17/08
brittney spears
k mart
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26 / F
Posted 10/17/08

Name---nakama yukie
Song--gokusen3 theme song--Oretachi no Seishun
Celeb--miura haruma
Store-- my dad's net cafe
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28 / F / Here, sometimes.
Posted 10/17/08
Song---Je Cours by Kyo
Lyrics---Alanis Morrissette, Everything
Celeb---Guillaume Depardieu RIP
Store---Ouat shop
Posted 10/17/08
Name - ruby
Song - slither by velvet revolver
Lyrics - consequences wait in front of you..
Celeb - Jack Black
Color - white
Store - Wal*Mart
Animal - Ferret
Place - Maze
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26 / F / In my ZONE!!!
Posted 10/17/08
Name - Suzuki
Song - Mirotic
Lyrics - Set up my world...
Celeb - Se7en
Color - Black
Store - A/Wear
Animal - Cheetah
Place - Heaven
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36 / M / USA
Posted 10/17/08
Name Gustavo
Song Kill your god
Lyrics Diamonds in my heart
Celeb Oscar Dela hoya (that work?)
Color Purple
Store Blacksword
Animal Cat
Place Idaho
Posted 10/17/08
name Otep
song hazard to myself
lyrics womanizer
celeb britney spears
color black
store bench
animal cat
place makati..
Posted 10/17/08
Name; Kai
Song: Send My Love to the Dance Floor
Lyrics: hey, mr. DJ u gotta put a record on, yeah
Celeb: Erika Toda
Color: purple
Store: liquor store
Animal: cat
Place: theatres
Posted 10/18/08
name Joseph
song when i grow up
lyrics crazy
celeb gnarles barkely
color white
store watsons
animal rabbit
place mall
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