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Posted 11/25/08
Username: dessajoy
Real name: Dessa Joy
Online name: dessa
Age: 15
Birthdate: April 4,1993
Gender: female
Location: Philippines
Occupation: 4th year high school
Hobbies: watching anime,listening music,reading books.....^^
Posted 1/11/09
Name: Samantha or Sami x3
Username: Warrior_Queen (as you can see -lol-)
Location: Usa - florida
Likes: i love anime x3 my friend got me hooked to it. she started watching it when i was there at her house then another friend of mine showed my crunchyroll and i instantly loved this place.
Dislikes: i dont like it when people mess with my friends, nor myself. i am very protective of my friend and family.
Gender: female
Age: 16 (going to be 17 july 13th)
Other: im in my third year of high school (junior) next year I'll be a senior yay!
Posted 5/20/11
Username : fofo88
Real name : fatima saeed
Online name : tomiix and more and more !!
Age : 18
Birthdate : 31-March-1993 >> i like # 3 :P
Gender : female
Location : UAE
Occupation : First year at UNIVERSITY
Hobbies : Watching anime - reading manga !!
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