The Dawn of a New Age
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27 / M / writing my storie...
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It was nighttime when the small town Glycosa started to hear a rumbling noise. The ground was shaking. The villagers rose from their town and followed the noise to its source. They soon stumbled upon a large black hole in the ground that held what looked like a black and red vortex. They get closer to it so they may investigate it. A couple of the villager changed into their mystical form so that they my fly over it to see what could be inside.
Then the vortex started issuing out a large gust of wind. The people in the air got blown back. They landed on the ground with the help of the other villagers and moved closer the vortex. Suddenly a large dark and demonic aura started to pour out of the vortex. Now all of the people changed into their mystical forms and prepared for a fight. Next, a giant demon hand slowly raised from the portal.
“Ok everyone, prepare to strike on my command,” cried out the city’s leader.
The giant demon hand slowly raised out of the vortex more and more. Then it stopped. The fingers were curled up into a fist, but they soon started to move one by one. A couple of the villagers decided to fly up high enough to see what was inside of it. They saw a black ball in the demon’s hand. But it looked like two pairs of wings wrapped around something. They moved in closer but jumped back once the wings started to move.
The black wings recoiled and disappeared and a figure stood up straight. It was a boy. He had black semi-spiky hair with red streaks, light brown skin, a black sleeveless shirt with red vampiric writing, long black pants with a red cape like thing draped down the back his lower waist, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. On his back was a large bastard sword that was obviously Demonic, two demonic looking dual swords on his lower legs, and two black and red demonic looking pistols on his hips.
He then suddenly stretch out his arms and yawned a bit. The villagers mistook this and was about to start attacking when he opened his eyes. They were a luminous wine red and looked almost dragonic.
“It is so good to be back out onto the Plane of the Living,” he said smiling. Then he looked down at all of the citizens that were looking at him. He took a bow, "Hey there. Name's Sirberius, what's up?"
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27 / M / writing my storie...
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Year: 1872
Season: Winter

“Hey bartender, can I have a bottle of your finest Racov (Blood mixed with hard lemonade) or something,” I yell.
It had been one whole day since Draethius had released me from his services. I was so relieved to be able to taste the fresh air. To see actual people instead of demons. The bartender at my drink in front of me and walked down to talk to another customer. I was too lazy and used my vampiric ability of telekinesis to raise the glass to my mouth. I took a sip and let it float back to the counter. Then suddenly the bar doors burst open and a sword came streaking through it.
I instantly grew out my tail and caught it before it pierced my back. A large fellow with rough looking clothes then burst through the doors.
“I hear that some foul-blooded Hybrid abomination has come into this town,” he shouted at the top of his lungs. Then he spoke out and I knew his words were aimed toward me, “Would you know where I can find this sniveling slime bag?”
Without even turning around, I cocked my tail back and flung it at him. It soared past his head and got stuck inside of the wall next to the door.
“It would be in your best interest to get your little toy and leave here before I have to put you in time out,” I say snickering.
He grabbed his sword and stormed up next to me. Then he grabbed me by the front of my black shirt and pulled my up out of my chair.
“What the hell did you say? I’ll kill your ass for that smart comment.”
He raised his sword and swung it down, but it didn’t get anywhere near me. It actually halted it mid-air and froze there. I used my vampiric telekinesis to stop it. I raised my head and let my wine red vampire/dragon eyes form, and then I smiled.
“I believe it’s my turn to play.”
Seconds later, I released a large amount of fire from my body and scorched his body while firing him straight out the doors. He slammed against the building across the street. I threw his sword out after him and it stabbed him through the chest and pinned him to the wall of the other building. I walk out of the doorway (the doors were now laying down on the ground), and walked over to him.
I raised my hand and patted him on the face, “Stay out of trouble kid.”
As I was walking away he yelled out to me, “You won’t get away with this you filthy Hybrid. The Ahznehal Clan will come and kill you.”
I turned back to him and smiled, “Well why don’t you tell me who they are and where they are. Then I can just save them the trouble of looking for me.”
“They are a clan that is made to follow the Under God’s (The Old Elder Gods that lead the Great God War) way of thinking about eradicating the Hybrid’s in the Mystical Community. I’m just a small fry compared to them. They are lead by the toughest person within Glycosa. If you wanna make your death quicker than what it would have been, just go to that fortress at the edge of the city. That’s where they are.”
“Thanks for the head up.”
I turn away and start walking toward the edge of the city. Within 3 minutes of walking aimlessly around the town I found the place. I walked up to the doors and put my foot to it.
“Knock knock,” I said as I put an immense amount of fire around my boot.
Then I pulled my foot back and immediately pulled my foot back, and as I swung it forward I recited my Kim-un-Kur incantation and slide into my Complete Hybrid Form. My foot hit the door and it flew off the hinges. I walked through the doorway and drew Heine’s Obliteration and instantly split it into two gun-blades. A vampire raised out of a nearby seat and started to draw his sword, but I raised one gun-blade and fired a shot right between his eyes.
“You really should have waited till I spoke, geez,” I say staring at his dead body.
Five other people (Dragon, Vampire, two Elementals, and one God) jumped to their feet and started to draw their weapons.
I raised my gun-blades and charged them with a lot of Ka’dai energy, “Stop now and you won’t have to be killed. I just came to talk.”
“Then why did you kill him,” the vampire said furiously.
I looked over at the dead body, “Because he was about to attack me.”
“You kicked down the door.”
“That was only because I knew you’d never open the door for a Hybrid like me.”
They all stared at me, “You mean you are a filthy Hybrid?”
I put my fingers on both triggers and prepared to pull them at any moment, “Yea but first I won’t you to listen to me. I have something to ask of you all. And I don’t really feel like killing. I just got out of hell yesterday, but don’t think that I won’t hesitate to shoot all four of you.”
They all looked at each other and hesitated to make any moves.
“Ok, we will take you straight to our boss, but you must first drop your weapons.”
I put Heine’s Obliteration back into one dual bladed gun-blade and stuck it into the custom sheath I had made for it.
“Now, lead the way.”
They lowered their weapons slightly and lead me up a winding stair case; they all still had their weapons pointed at me as we went up. Once we arrived at the top one of them put their finger to the door and tapped on it.
“What do you want?”
‘There is a Hybrid here that wishes to speak with you.”
The door opened and we were lead to into a very big room. And in the middle was a guy in a somewhat elegant red suit. I figured he must be the leader. Waved his hand at the people escorting me and they lowered their weapons. I took a quick look around the room and saw that it was loaded with pure blooded creatures (I learned to tell be their kinetic energy). I looked straight at the leader and slightly grinned.
“What do you want, you filthy half-breed?”
“I want you to stop hunting down us Hybrid just because of what we are,” I retort.
He smiled evilly, “And what if I refuse to co-operate?”
I leaned closer to him, “Then I will just have to kill you. I just got out of the Death Dimension after serving thirty years as The Demon Lord, Draethius’s apprentice, so the thought of killing each and every one of you is not far from becoming reality.”
He smirked a bit more, “I don’t care if you were the apprentice of the Devil himself. If you are a Hybrid then we will hunt you down and we will kill you.’
“Oh come on, we can’t have peace between races with that kind of attitude.”
“Well that’s because we don’t want peace between races. Let alone you Hybrids.”
I take a big breathe and then sighs, “Then in order to obtain peace, you will have to die.”
He seems shocked at these last words, but I take no hesitation to grab hold of his face and let off a large ball of fire. His head is blown off his shoulders and sent rolling across the room. All the others that were in the room turn jump around, looked at their leader’s corpse, then a me. They all start reaching for their weapons but I had already drawn Heine’s Obliteration and split it into two gun-blades.
“You will all die for the sake of peace among mystical creatures. Now have a good life in the afterlife. TRINITY BARRAGE!”
I charge an immense amount of fire energy into my guns and pull the triggers. Each gun fired off about one thousand fire energy bullets. Everyone within the room was blown to bits. I put my guns back together as one and put it on my back.
“May the Demon Lord have mercy on your souls.”
As I turn around to leave, I am suddenly engulfed by darkness and multiple figures in white appear before me.
“Sirberius Reono,” one of them says boomingly. “You have finally returned after thirty long years of causing havoc, discord, and agony among the Mystical Community.”
“You know very well that that wasn’t my fault. Or have you Elders grown too dumb to utilize your powers anymore.”
“What is that supposed to mean,” another one said fiercely.
“I mean that even though I have been gone for thirty years, and yet the Mystical Community seems to be in the same unstable state as when I left. And I don’t see you assholes doing anything about it.”
“We will have you know that we have tried to do everything in our power to create peace, and clean up after your messes. But the people will not trust us Elder’s after the Great God War.”
“Well that just sucks, doesn’t it?”
“It sucks for you,” said the one on the far right. They all raised their hands and I was lifted off the ground. A red, black, and white aura came out of my body and my Complete Hybrid form faded away. I fell back to the ground in my normal form. Zane and Sparda appeared next to me.
“What the hell was that,” Zane shouted at the Elders.
“We have taken away your Kim-un-Kur powers because you have proven yourself unfit for this power.”
“That’s a loud bullshit. We are more than worthy to have that power that you redundant Elders,” I say just as furious as Zane.
“Then prove it. What do you believe that you can do that we Elders can’t do?”
I stand up proudly, “I believe that we can bring peace to ill forsaken realm.”
“Then that will be the wager for your power. You must bring peace to the Mystical Community and protect it with your life.”
Zane and Sparda stand up next to me.
“We will gladly accept your wager,” Sparda says calmly.
“Yes, today will be the start of a group dedicated to keeping peace, and maintaining the balance between good and evil. Making sure that no side is stronger than the other. Today is the day that I form The Mystic Council.”
The darkness swirls away and we are left in the room we were just in. I turn to them and we all nod our heads in an unsaid conversation.
“Right, now it’s time to find those people that I me in my childhood and in my time with Draethius. They shall form as my Mystics for the Council.”
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28 / F / someplace high . . .
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
Calintz's Story

“Where there is eternal light, in the world where the sun is placed, in that immortal, imperishable world, place me . . . ”
“ Where life is free, in the third heaven of heavens, where the worlds are radiant, there make me immortal . . . and again . . . ”

Chapter 1 Memory

The sun was very hot at the desert, the sunlight irradiate into make skin making it burn. I was walking at the Desert of Kaidva to reach the west side of the desert, Besaid. The first hybrid town that ever exist . . . it was once a beautiful and lifely places ever since the Great God War, everything change . . . war took everthing away . . . and left nothing but pain to the people . . .

“. . . things that once exist, the nature, power, and limits of knowledge and moral judgments, and the nature of mind and of language . . . ” I was mumbling to myself and looking around the remain of Besaid. “ so . . . this is what Besaid have become after so many years . . .” Besaid was one of the first setttlements that started accepting hybrid breeds to live together and be accepted into this world, but things was never easy for them . . . the gods took everything away from them as their existence was not allowed. Those who chose a different path of life and tried living it never get the eternal happiness they want like my mother, who give birth a hybrid.

I sit down and look around carefully it brings backs memory, mother would wanted to stay in this town if it isnt destroy and still maintain its peace . . . but she is no longer by my side . . .
I always wanted back the life I had before . . . a peaceful life with my mother . . . and that is all I wanted . . . but all is lost, and maybe it will never return . . . .

My mother was a family member of the Minerva family a powerful lineage of alchemist, and her name is Ferena Pallas Minerva. She was a powerful alchemist and had broke a family taboo to be with the man she love, my father. I never get to know him, mother never say much about him or her family . . . but I was happy as long as she is by my side . . . until she was took away from my sight . . .

Thinking about it makes me sad and hopeless but I know she is still alive . . . somewhere . . . I was tired from all the walking and the hot weather of the desert, I figured I might as well go ahead and sleep since I still have a long way to go . . . The ground was soft and warm then what I felt since I reach here, I relaxed sinking in . . .

After several hours of sleep and its already midnight, I hear a low shuffing sound . . . and it wake me up it was getting near me. “ There shouldn’t be anyone in this place but me ” I was thinking. My eyes open slowly, and I could see shadow between the moonlight . . . . . .

more to come . . .

I hope the story is ok . . . coz this is the first story I wrote and plz be honest to me about my story . . . . do post a comment about this story ~
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