Make your own zanpaktou contest!
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So basically just create your own vizard!
1. Vizard's name
2. Vizard's zanpaktou name
3. Shikai form and its special abilities
4. Vizard's bankai form and the name of the bankai form and its special abilities
5. Decribe your hollow mask
6. Get at least one pic of how your sword looks like. Doesnt have to look perfectly like it but kinda similar
7. Describe your vizard's char and attitude.

If you win...
and are a trainee you will...
get a * and will keep it till you become a vizard and will then automatically become an elite
if you are a vizard...
you will advance to an elite
If you have no rank...
You will after you upload 5 pics and become a trainee automatically become a vizard

The final rule is that there are two contests in this one!! The funniest vizard and coolest vizard! Say which one you are doing at the top fo your vizard
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hmm... seems pretty interesting
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1. Flavor
2. Sasuke
3. Shikai - The user turns emo, the zanpakuto and when the zanpakuto hits an object held or is touched by a person(including the ground but limited to a certain distance ' the distance depends on the user's emo meter'.), that person emotionally breaks down and cuts himself(or die, depending on how much he was struck, his personality, the item used during cutting,etc) and it can shoot an emo beam.
4. In the bankai form, flavor gets a jacket with a picture of a deformed pokeball looking thing on the back. his form is called Master of Emos, Sasuke. his hair grows longer and turns him into an emo look, the zanpakuto turns into a chain blade(chainsaw + sword). powers he gain:
Flash of death - the chainblade glows into an intense burst of light and the foe's brain is rewired to turn emo for a full 24 hours and within that 24 hours, they breakdown emotionally and cry and anything emo.
Death's urge - Flavor must be in arm+sword's length, Flavor stabs the ground and towers made of reiatsu appear and swallow both user and foe, where they are taken in seperate dimensions in the anime world and try to commit suicide(depending on their personality) this is an example **i did not create this picture, nor do i take the credit for the making of the picture, although the thought is based from this picture.
5. his mask has one hole for the eye(left eye when facing directly like looking at a mirror). 2 rigged red lines form what looks like an emo hair. the holes for the lip and the left eye are in a crescent shape
6. that but the blade is about a longsword's blade length.
7. Flavor has an impulsive, though he's not self centered most of the time. he has the finesse of a fox in terms of his slyfulness, and the finesse of rasputin in womanizing. he is easily side tracked when it comes with women. in battle, he is cocky and nurses an inferiority complex
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i'm doing coolest vizard

1. Shadow
2. Velocità(speed)
?. To activate Shikai cry out: cut everything in sight, Velocità
3. in shikai form he gains extra speed basicly as fast as Byakuya's flash step, his main technique in this form Speed Slash - he can cut you down so fast and hard that if you arn't strong enough you'll unable to continue or dead
4. in bankai form the name of my form is Velocità di Ombre(Speed of Shadows) in this form he is even faster than in shikai maybe just a little faster than ichigo's bankai he also gains a long black cloak like ichigo's but the who thing is black even the inside unlike ichigo's which is red on the inside, just remember not to blink or it might be over just as soon as it started, the first technique is Shadow Slash - from a distance he will cut the air then a black slash comes flying at the enemy really fast, the second technique is Via col Ombre(Gone with the Shadows) - this technique allows him to become one with the shadows so in other word's disappear, then he would come out of no where (usually from behind) and stab you(this technique is usually used for torchering (dont know how to spell this word and cant find the right spelling) others)

6. normal form
shikai form
bankai form
7. Shadow is a shy guy that you should never underestimate because as soon as you turn your back he'll cut you down in one strike, when he's not in battle, not on alert, or training he spends most of his time sleeping in a tree
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1. Kaiza\ Seth
2. Burst! Kamikaze!
3. Shikai form ~ Power boost, Speed boost, Ability to detect some attacks
4. Vizard's bankai ~ Ability to detect most attacks, Power Charger, ability to fly, speed increased slightly
5. Hollow mask ~ all white, blue and red spikes sticking out of the sides, Both eyes red
6. Twin blade user

7. calm and collected and never backs down from a fight. Using bankai is rare for Kaiza, But once his eyes change from blue to Green Seth is born. Seth is more ruthless and more temperamental then Kaiza, Seth will go full power just for light work but wont use it for Stronger enemies. THe majority of the time Kaiza is in charge, Seth only appears when Kaiza knows he'll soon be down and out. Unlike Seth, Kaiza cannot Use his bankai very long even though their Bankai Co-exist.
*coolest vizard*
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guys type at the top of your vizard thing if you're doing the cool or funniest contest
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already did
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prob talking to other guys
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1. Kaito
2. tier (beast)
3. shikai is activated by saying Brandwunde tier (burn beast). in shikai the sword burns so hot that it will give you 3rd degree burn from a foot away. the sword gives the basic all around ability increase, but the power lies it burning the target even if it is not even close to the enemy
4. the bankai is called Höllenfeuer tier (hellfire beast). hellfire is a massive sword that burns at a temperater that is even more masive. the sword gives a huge increase in strength. increased strength acompanied with high temps allow hellfire to melt or break its way through almost anything even some zanpaktous. also useing its massive size correctly, one swing can defflect byuakuya's bankai attack entirely
5. my mask looks similar to the predator mask with a full set of razor sharp teethincluding 2 elongated K-9 teeth. it also has more and longer horns along the rim or the skull.
7. my guy is very laid back, doesnt talk much or do much, unless you make him angery when he gets pissed, he will go on a rampage that will not stop until what ever pissed him off is destroyed. look out.
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