A story of a fangirl from the set of CODE BLUE!
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Posted 6/14/08
Credits to: enshige
At a hospital near my my place, Yamashita-kun --> YamaP of NEWS (lol 笑)
I heard from a friend at school that he's filming there! ! (lol 笑)
Since Friday I've been visiting every single day with a NEWS fan friend! (lol 笑)
I met lots of different celebrities
This is going to be super long from here (lol 笑)
If you're going to read it please read it ! ! (lol 笑)

First of all on Friday we went at a late time, so Terajima-san? Like that snazzy guy who plays the father in the Febreeze CM! I just met him! (lol 笑)
He opened his car window and greeted me !

And on Saturday they weren't filming . .
But the guard there, Ando-san, whom I made good friends with on Friday, said that they film on Saturdays too so I did stay till night just in case, but they weren't there so I gave up and went home ! (lol 笑)

And then! Here's Sunddddddday~!
According to Ando-san this is a day I'd definitely better go!
So I went to the filming location at 7 in the morning! (lol 笑)
Then.. after about 30 minutes Toda Erika-san came!
She was so cute that I couldn't look at her straight~ (lol 笑)
Her private clothes, she was in a cute fluttery dress (lol 笑)

Anddddd!! He finally came~
After waiting 3 hours he finally came~ Yamapi~
He was beautiful as expected~ (lol 笑)
He appeared swinging something like his car keys around!! (lol 笑)
And then after that I met Aragaki Yui-chan and Asari-kun?? Ba-chan and the actress Ryo-san and all too, they were all super nice people~
I said "Otsukare des-su" [T/N Thank you for working hard] and they waved their hands and said "Ha~i" with a smile!
And I must've been a nuisance since I was there since morning, but about 3 times per person on the average (lol 笑)
They replied with a smile and I was moved! (lol 笑)
But with Yamapi, I said this and that for a total of 8 times! (lol 笑)
He answered a~ll the time looking into my eyes
He did seem to start getting tired around 21 o'clock
His skin was really nice and he was such an ikemen and he was actually quite tall and his nape was nice~
I was about to have an affair~ (lol 笑) [T/N fandom-wise XD]
That was close~ but???? When I looked at my pictures, I came back to Jun Jin [T/N Shinhwa]
But there, amazingly I met ?????
I was happy~ ! I immediately became friends~
I'm glad I went
To you who've read this far!
Thanks~ (lol 笑)
I love you~

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25 / F / Philippines/Japan :)
Posted 6/14/08
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27 / F
Posted 6/15/08
I really dont know what im going to do if i saw yamapi face to face ,,
any wayz thanx for the post =D
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25 / F / Paradise
Posted 6/17/08
she's so lucky!! i want to personally see yamapi's smile too
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25 / F / Philippines/Japan :)
Posted 6/21/08
Filming for "Code Blue +Doctor Heli Emergency Rescue+"
Yamashita Tomohisa
Aragaki Yui
Toda Erika
Higa Minami
Asari Yosuke
Yanagiba Toshiro
Surprisingly, Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa), Yanagiba Toshiro-san, and Higa Minami-san were filming
They were filming at a friend's company, and only people to do with the company were allowed in, so I was able to get in
No pictures were allowed so I don't have any...
Celebrities have a different aura as expected
However Yamapi was of course really awesome
Yamapi seemed to have hurt his leg, he was walking with a limp.
There were a lot of running scenes so it looked painful.
Yamashita Tomohisa-san, Yanagiba Toshiro-san, and Higa Minami-san,
they all had tiny faces and were really slim that surprised me~
It was cold but fun!
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Posted 6/21/08
I wish i was her!!!!!!!!!
shes so lucky!!

OMG pi hurt?? no!!!!!!!!! get a male nurse haha
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