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Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/14/08
Hii!!! Why don't we post our favourite Music (Band, Singers,songs)here???


Name of Song:
What's special:
Story behind the song/Lyrics:
Picture of band and/or album:

Of course you can post more then 1!!!
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
Name of Song: 36 degree celsius

Album: 36 degree celsius

Band/Singer: WaT

What's special: well... their song are very nice & the meaning of their songs can be touching, fun or even dreams... =)

Story behind the song/Lyrics: below is the lyrics! well.. bcuz of the song so some of the sentence kinda abit weird so ya! X)

Dont lose by the time.
I saw it with the words that you expressed.
Im wasting the time everyday.
In the end i wasnt able to let you feel.

You are the one.
You can laugh on it.
I cant measure
Because im not lying with what i feel.

My life is all about you.
Struggling for so much dilemmas.
Your feelings are full of tears.
Its hard to picture.

I want to love you
I think i want to see you more
Were going to be lost in the place we have to go.
CRY sky
I won't be able to be back on the road
so i will be remembering this place.
Because I will not give on you.

There are times that I love you
I don't need to think twice
But the thoughts are blocked at times
There are piled up in mind

Even my day off,
my mind think only think about you
I'm always idle when i think of you
But I know you don't need me by your side

If only you would hug me, my feelings
would be settled.
I fall for your hand
But you left me wounded

I want to love you
Even you dumped my thoughts for you
You left as with a sorrow that cant mend a new heart
CRY sky
I'll just pretend the rain above me
Are you tears
Thinking of it makes me more burdened

I won't use you and erase you
The warmth inside of me
The temperature inside me that I can't
love you no more
I would let the tables upside down
I will find your shadows

I want to love you
Even there's no snow inside me
I would move on
Far sky
The day will come that I would meet you
I can say it with asureness
No one,only you.

Picture of band and/or album:

they are my fav band; WaT =) on the left is Eiji Wentz & on the right is Koike Teppei <333
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/25/08
ohh~ & if you listen to their songs, you will hear the wonder of duet! =) well... it is pretty cool to me! ^^ if you want to hear the wonder of duet, i recommend you tis song, reStart by WaT!!! X) (Note: that is if you are 1st time listening to their song!)
if you are nt listening to their song for the 1st time, i recommend you to carry on & listen to their songs! ALL of their songs hv diff meanings! X)
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