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Posted 6/14/08
On the same day, 4NOLOGUE, together with S.M. Entertainment, Dong Bang Shin Gi's record label, held a press conference for the band's latest photobook 2008 TVXQ! PHOTOBOOOK "A WEEK HOLIDAY". This is a major co-operation between the two companies; S.M. Entertainment has given 4NOLOGUE sole distribution rights of the photobook in Thailand. Plus the five members of Dong Bang Shin Gi has attended this event, Thailand being their first venue (for the photobook promotion)!

This is yet another special occasion for the Thai fans to get close to their favorite artists and listen to them talk about the photoshoot in the USA. ...{marketing}...

What do you feel about the photobook promotion for the first time in Thailand and Korea?
Yunho : We're very happy since the photobook will go on sale on the same day in Korea and Thailand. It'll be a special occasion so we're very happy and excited.

What is the concept of the photobook and its sales promotion?
Junsu : It'll be on sale in Korea and Thailand at the beginning of July. As for the concept, there are two main concepts. One is us in a majestic, natural surrounding, the other is us on a camping trip - like you coming with us on any normal camping trip. And as a sales promotion, there'll be 5 extra photos in the Thai version, as a gift for Thai fans!

Which location did you like best?
Yunho : It's the masterpiece taken in the Grand Canyons - it was really steep and we were all kind of scared. But the photograph came out nicely, with us fitting really well in the scenery. We really love this picture.
Jae Joong: This one (pointing at the photograph)

Changmin : We had some problems during the photoshoot - the weather was really hot. We were taking pictures in the arid areas of the USA, it was so sunny we got sunburnt! And we were sweating all the time. But it wasn't really an obstacle.

Any exciting experience?
Yuchun : When we were taking pictures in the desert, we went to a family restaurant where they play live Western music in cowboy costumes. They asked if any of us could play the drums and we told them Yunho could. So he joined in and it was really fun!

During this photoshoot, did you discover anything new and charming about the band members?
Jae Joong : At first we were a bit worried 'coz we might not measure up to (compliment?) the beautiful, natural scenery. However, we didn't do too bad. Changmin and Junsu, both are younger than me but they displayed their masculinity openly - in their facial expressions, postures and figures. They were physically fit before we left for this photoshoot. I was impressed.

Is there any chance of making a photobook in Thailand?
Jae Joong : Of course! We would really love to do one. We love Thailand. Plus there are many possibilities such as natural scenery or Bangkok's metropolitan vibrance. If we have the chance, we will do a photoshoot in Thailand for sure.

Having made donations to charity organizations in Thailand - how do you feel about it?
Yunho : We put up the accessories we wore during our photoshoots for auction, with the proceeds going to GREEN PEACE and Home for Children with Disabilities (Baan Nontapum). At first we didn't think we'd be able to raise so much money, so we feel Thais are very charitable. We'd like our Thai fans to continue doing more charity work with us.

What would you like to say to the media, executives and Thai fans who have been here since last night (in preparation for this event)?
Yuchun : Thank you to all of you executives, media and Thai fans. Since our debut we have received so much love, sometimes we doubt if we're worthy of such love. But we now know for sure we want to do our best in return for your love. We will continue to work harder, please support us and love us always.

2008 TVXQ! PHOTOBOOK "A WEEK HOLIDAY" will be on sale this July. Dong Bang Shin Gi fans can pre-order Thailand's special edition with 5 extra photographs and video clip at or get more information by e-mailing [email protected] You can also check out promotional updates and news about Dong Bang Shin Gi in this website.

Special Thanks: 4NOLOGUE
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Translation credits: [email protected] Forever / [email protected]+aizamiacsspf
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Posted 6/23/08
im glad dbsk liked the grand canyon .
hope they come again
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