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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
Mission #4
"Fight Against Sid"
"so this is hook cemetery huh, is that his grave over there "i said

"i wonder where he is at"

BOMB!!! "holy shit!!"
how the hell!?

"hold on ill help u"Ashura said
Ashura rushes Sid and then turns to his sword form

i jump up in the air and attack

but then Sid grabbed his tomb stone and pushed me with it.

i push myself off a tree and us the force of the push to knock me back toward him
i used Ashura to slid and kick Sid, then i threw Ashura at him.

Ashura turned back to his human form and finished him off. "DANCE OF GALE".

there was a big explosion im the cemetery
when all the smoke was cleared we tied Sid up and dragged him to Shibusen

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Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/4/09
Mission #1...
He's feeding off of someone...

Haze:...Let finish this..

busujima: Hai!

[busujima transform to weapon mode]

Haze" lets begin...

Haze:Are you ready busujima?...
busujima:Hai Haze'san
[Jack comes with a skull bash]

[Haze deflect Jack attack with his sword and jack lunges into the sky]
[Haze jumps up after]
Haze stare jack in the face with a cold stare then]

busujima: mission complete
Haze: where done here....
[busujima eats the soul]
*Mission complete*

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Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/4/09

busujima:Sid-sensei die...
Haze:It seems so...

Haze:it seems that the grave has'nt been dug how can he..
[a shadow come behide Haze]

Sid: That is correct Haze-san
Haze:!.(when did he come behind me i couldn't even senses his presents
[Sid attacks]

[Jumps out of the way]
Sid: Haze you left you gard down that the man i was would say
Haze:...busujima Weapon mode...

Sid:oohh.. i will take this fight seriously
[sid comes with a other attack]

Haze:As expect of a 3 star fighter..
Sid:I always take fight full on that the man i was
Haze: hmmp..
[haze and sid both charge]

Sid: you have gotten better snice i last train you that the man was
Haze: ...I will end this right now...
Sid: Bring it that the man i was would say
[Haze and sid clashagain ]

[Haze and sid fought till dawn]
busujima:*gasping* this rate we are going to kill him we have to bring him back!
Haze:...I know..*gasping*
[Haze grabs a rope And throw a smoke bomb and while sid is distracted Haze tie up sid and brought him back to shibunsen]

Mission complete....
Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/21/09
Im going for mission #1.

*Twilight flies silently over the rooftops as she searches for the opponent Star is back on t he ground waiting for the report...wha...swooping low to the ground throught the darkest of alleys to find Jack the Ripper victemizing another innocent townsfolk

...talons outstretched Twilight slashes at the eyes of the Reaper gaining his full attention and causing him to follow the silent shadow in flight leaving the body to bleed out on the dirty cement.*
In the near distance Star can feel Twilight heading her way so she steadys her mind and sends the owl an image of her plan....
Twilight swoops around buildings through the dark city alleys with the Ripper close on her tail

She turns the last corner and *FLASH* she turns into a bow in mid air and falls directly into the waiting arms of Star her Miester. Who quickly draws the bow and aims directly for Jack the Rippers head *the arrow releases with tremendous energy and precision* The Rippers metal head deflects the arrow sending Star hurling towards the wall to keep from getting slashed by the Rippers knifelike hands.

Star Throws the bow into the air and Twilight turns into an owl and as Stars mind melds with her weapon she instructs the owl to aim for the eyes of the Ripper because it seems to be a weakness. The owl turns and swoops down upon Jack the Ripper tearing at his eyes causing him to turn screeching at Star who was waiting with Twilight in bow form again they aimed as one and took the shot.................... ...................................sinking the arrow deep into Jack the Rippers skull leaving his body thrashing in the death throws of pain and defeat. And a bright light flashed as the soul of Jack the ripper levitates in front of Star. I think Ill take this to the head miester now. Star gathers soul and heads towards check in point. Out of excitement Star sits and decides she cant quite overlook the fact that she is desiring something more.....something mmmmmfun and exciting..... So she sits and waits for her friends to show up. Then hey what do you know Liz and Patty showed up and got crazy with Star and that really pissed Death the kid off so He vowed never to leave them alone again!

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