Free Kingdom of Darkness story
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/15/08
This furom is a free kingdom darkenss i can start something and you guys just add in...Like ROLEPLAYING! X D

(But you must follow the rules)

#1. Play as your character
#2.Perticipate all the way if you start on here
#3.DONT EVER USE YELLOW AS A LETTER COLOR! it is very hard to see for some people
#4.Have fun!
#5.Please no cussing as in the F word, The B word and other stuff.
#6. or rapeing in this story. Some people dont find it very, amusing can only quote the person above you.
#7. There is no limit to how many sentences you can have

OK! ill be starting now!~ X D

*wakes up after a long sleep*. *Yawns* that was so such a good sleep. I wonder what i should do today *gets dressed in my usual cloths*

"OH! i know ill go play with the VAMPIRES!" I run out the door and go to the very dark forest of the kingdom and play with the vampires. (As in we are praceing fighting). Suddenly i hear a big crash and the earth shakes "Huh? whats that?" I ask the vampires. The Vampire prince tells me someone is attacking the kingdom "EHH!" i say loudly. The Vampire Prince "Yuki" takes my hand and we start running to a Temple called "The Temple of Darkness"
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