Post Reply Why Do U lOVe All tImE LOW???
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F / ???.......i hate...
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/15/08
CAUSE THERE HOT..........and have great music lol

<3 ALEX!!

Posted 8/27/08 , edited 8/27/08
the beat, the lyrics, and the voices!! im sorry but this is one of my favorite bands ever!
and yeah i guess they are cute >.> haha.....
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/25/08
They're just cute! and I love their songs ^-^ plus Alex is a total babe obv
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Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
I love how funny they are! i watch almost all there youtube videos and can't stop laughing!
hahaha! and alot of singers are really good in the recording studio but sound horrible live.
alex isn't like that at all so you know hes real. not just a cute face (although his face is very cute)
i love how close alex and jagk are (sorry, im use to spelling jack, jagk after his clothing line) they kiss on stage and the booty shorts are absolutely hilarious! they truly are the best band ever. even if alex dyed his all hair brown and jagk got rid of that cute little streak of blonde. they are still totally cool!

(i have his shirt) :]
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M / Wishing To Be In...
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/13/09
Who are we trying to kid they're like a band of Gods...:HOT, Awesome, Great singers,HOT(wait did i say that), Hot(espcaily Zack and Alex!)
Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09
Best Pop Punk Rock band alive!
The lyrics are superb, Nice voice, funny as wack in concerts, never failed on music!
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