dream concert 2008
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Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/16/08

2008 Dream Concert was held on 7th June in Seoul. But what was planned to be a "Dream Concert" to celebrate the Korean culture turned to become a "Nightmare Concert".

A concert which features live performances by artistes like Dong Bang Shin Ki, SS501, Super Junior, Typhoon, WonderGirls and Epik High, has planned to expect a 35,000-strong spectator crowd. However, about 50,000 fans turned up at the event. Just counting tourists who attended, there were about 150 tour buses at the event.

However, this day which was surposed to be remembered for the various good performances put up by the singers, the high schoolers who attended the concert had remembered it more as a "nightmare".

Only 40 security personnels to control crowd of 50,000?

This event was a free event and it was said to the blame of the whole incident. And in order to get to the best seats, high schoolers who were present tried to force their way through the crowd, causing accidents and injuries just 20 minutes after the performances have started.

A performance schedule was arranged for the artistes but the performance has to be discontinued at 7.20 pm which only continued 30 minutes lately.

And even with students trying to force their way into the event hall, the crowd control personnels did not made correct arrangements on the spot. And this had caused more injuries suffered by the students. One of the security personnels had revealed "The sponsors had only requested for 40 security personnels and 200 crowd control staff to be deployed."

Only 2 emergency medical unit was present

Many students suffered from injuries during the fight to get into the event hall and required medical care. Sponsors to the event has initally requested 1 emergency medical unit from EMS Korea, but after hearing news that a much bigger crowd is expected EMS Korea sympathised with the situation and added one more emergency medical unit to the event.

The sponsors were condemned for only deploying 2 units of emergency medical units, for the 50,000 spectators present - that safety was much overlooked.

A total of 20 spectators, down with serious injuries, were transferred to Seoul Medical Centre 30 minutes before the start of and till the end of the 1hour 30 minutes concert .

A free concert, "Dream Concert"

Even though "Dream Concert" has been a free concert organised by GMart for all since its very first performance, many are wondering if the free concert concept should continue for "Dream Concert" in the future.

10 minutes silence and null-response during SNSD performance

"Dream Concert" was held on 7th June, that sees many artistes performing like So Nyeo Shi Dae, Dong Bang Shin Ki, WonderGirls, SS501, Epik High, SuJu, MC Mong, Shinee etc.

But what had really got netizens talking was during SM girl idol group SNSD's performance. There was a "10 minutes silence" during SNSD's performance. There was silence and no reaction from fans while SNSD was performing. (Except for SNSD fans) And this had called for an open battle amongst fans on the internet.

Dong Bang Shin Ki's fanclub "Cassiopeia", Super Junior's fanclub "Elf" and SS501's fanclub "Triple S" had made consensus not to respond to SNSD's performance.

No light sticks were on during SNSD's performance, and the whole audience crowd became very dark with only SNSD's fans having their lightsticks turned on.

There are many rumours going on about the cause of the incidents - inital clash between Super Junior fans and SNSD fans that turned out really bad, or that SNSD fans had torn down Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior fans' posters before the show.

But what exactly happened caused such an embarrassing scene is still unclear.

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i dont know what happened to people im sure SNSD embarassment was a plan hahaha

please delete this i post it in wrong section thank u
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Posted 6/14/08
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Posted 6/14/08

Please look before you make a new thread. It's only a few topics down.
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Posted 6/16/08
I am a fan of SNSD music. I had read a lot of ruckus and other negative articles concerning about being disrespectful, engaging in dates and the recently held NIGHTMARE CONCERT.

As a MALE fan of SNSD I really felt bad and sorry for their hard earn reputation to drop off just like that. I believe in their music as well as their abilities as an artist. I came to know and love SNSD through their music and NOT those pretty looks.

Honestly, I hadn't yet read all those negative issues but I just want to point out my view. This may seem baised and I respect if you disagree with me.

First, about Tiffany. Actually I don't like her, the least in the group. Why? When I got to know them last year I had this impression on her about being attention grabber and those feelings of untrustworthy and dislike. Peace out to all Tiffany and fellow SoShis yet I accept the way she was. Lately I finally finding myself looking at those tactless attitude towards her seniors and flirty moves. Im so disappointed. She is degrading SNSD reputation. I agree that she needs to be punish in a way that she should be more careful and sensitive. After watching the episode about a certain actor being critized on his English I felt a certain hatred. I feel the sentiments of the male actor and to those who had watch. But then again, one member's success is the group's success and one's failure is for all to suffer. The damage had been done. Many started to hate and lose many fans. Like all other artists, we fail and fall. I still believe she can change and lets give her that chance to prove to us shes turning a new leaf. I hope she will because all of SNSD fans like me will be so disappointed. It is for the best.

Second thing about undergoing plastic surgery. Yah, I hate PLASTIC. I really agree with most people. Whether it is a norm in Korea to have a plastic surgery it just doesn't feel right. If they had gone through, I respect their decision. Contrary to what others say. I think and believe others doesn't neccesarily need to undergo such process. Taking for example TaeYeon. Yes, Im a solid TaeYeon fan and shes my favorite. You may disagree but I like and love the old TaeYeon. For me, the old (those young photos of hers) and the new are one. Simply saying shes pretty. BUT what I love about her most is her voice. One artist should be love on his or her skills RATHER than the looks. Wouldn't it be hurting if people remember you just because your beautiful and not your talent? For most artists, it is their dream to be remembered of having a great talent and NOT because they are pretty and all. I don't know with you if you see things I do but I look on the talent than bashing about what they look.

Third, TaeSu Scandal. I was taken aback when I got the wind of this rumor or fact. Whatever. Whether it is true or not, one should have the right to love and be loved. Im not againtst it AS LONG AS they are not having PDAs (PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION) like smooching anywhere. Anyways.... if it is indeed I hope that guy will take good care of her and love unconditionally.

Lastly about the RUCKUS that the so called SoShi Psychos had done. I felt sorry for the fans of SuJu and SS501, DBSK. I myself had been a fan of them especially SuJu who is my FAVORITE male band in fact and I go crazy about their music. Simply the best. I just don't know whats going on with those people doing that unpleasant attitude towards other fanclubs.They SHOULD be punished. BUT we shouldn't place all those hatred towards the SoShis for like me Im not that kind of fan. Not all SoShis are bad. It is true that it is their responsibility as an artist to control and appeal to the fans yet we sometimes can't control everything. We are of free will. What makes me feel more sad is that if they are a true SNSD fan why did they do such a thing? You guys hurt us especially to the SNSD. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Those poor girls are blamed for your actions. Your destroying what they trying to put up and it hurts. The silent treatment for me is okey but still they don't deserve it BUT to shout WONDERGIRLS infront on their performance? You are simply just the same as those SoShi pyschos. You are hurting now physically but emotionally. How would you feel if someone does that to you? Of all the anti SNSD fans did that I can accept and tolerate is the silent propaganda but to shout off, that is a different thing.

Like Tiffany, girls undergoing surgery, engaging in dates and those very bad SoShi psychos ALL WE NEED IS RESPECT. It should start from all of us. Tiffany should start turning a new leaf, seeing great talents rather than just looks, respecting other peoples freedom to love and PUNISHING those people who are turning the Dream Concert to a nightmare.
Posted 6/16/08
this is a duplicate...
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Posted 6/16/08
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