Post Reply What paring do you think is going to happen in XxxHolic?
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Hey people! It's Rukia112 once again... Okay, the topic of this poll is PARINGS. Not to be confused with the other forum about what's your favorite couple. No, this poll is about guessing what pairing is likely going to happen in the series. Every anime allways has parings, or at least fan pairings..So, I'm going ask you--the obvious fan of XxxHolic--to select what pairing is going to happen in XxxHolic. So far, there are none offical pairings..Not even Donuts count because none of them has not confirmed their love to each other. So vote, and please leave an would be nice if you included it..So people, please treat it as a presidential election, and VOTE!

My vote is for WatanukixHimiwari because, Watanuki is obviously in love with Himiwari, and Himiwari loves Watanuki so much that

I think she holds those feelings inside, because of her curse. Which you probably already know kills anyone close to her except her parents. So, I think their love is like an unrequinted love or something. I see Himiwari as an emotionally strong, energetic, happy, and smart girl, so I think she is perfect for our beloved blue/golden-eyed cook otherwise known as Yuko's slave. I think that this pairing might happen in the series..


Here are the votes at the moment...

WatanukixYuko---0 votes
WatanukixHimiwari---1 vote
WatanukixZarashi-Warshi ---0 votes
WatanukixDoumeki ---1 vote
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Haha... They are the most interesting couple in my opinion... Watanuki-kun and Doumeki-kun....
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Watanuki X Zarashi wins my vote
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