choose your anime family!!
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Posted 6/15/08
if you were given the chance to choose your family members among all of the anime characters, who would them be....and why..

for me... father would be "L"--for me to be genius too..haha and will do all my homeworks mother would be...hell girl... too young..but that's alright--unlimited stock of vengeance doll brothers would be..

killua from hunter x--will kill anyone who boasts me...
kaido from pot--will teach me how to do the snake moves in tennis
chika from zombie loan--he's funny sisters would be..
tomoyo from card captor..
hinata from naruto
--these 2 lil girls are too cute....i wanna bully them!!!

my grandpa would be...
jiraia from naruto
grandma would be..
Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
oh my god. stupid people just makes a dupe thread nowadays

you annoys me
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Posted 6/15/08

LeapofFateAMV wrote:

SimplyBill wrote:

Yeah right.

I choose you Bill to be in my anime family.
Which family member would you like to be?

i choose you to report this thread XD as faimly lol
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Posted 6/15/08
Duplicate as reported.

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