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Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
ei... i just wanna know what is your opinion about the movie and the story...
i want to know how you felt about the japs, americans and filipinos in the movie and the characters they portray... im just curious... so if you dont mind tell me about it and before you write your opinion tell me what is your nationalit... 'coz i wanna know the feelings of the filipinoes, americans, and especially the Japanese here...

i know some of you haven't heard about this movie so here's the plot...

The Great Raid is a 2005 war film which tells the story of the January 1945 liberation of the Cabanatuan Prison Camp on the Philippine island of Luzon during World War II. It is directed by John Dahl and stars Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes, James Franco and Connie Nielsen with Filipino actor Cesar Montano. In the United States, it is rated R for strong war violence and brief language. The principal photography took place from July 4, to November 6, 2002, but its release was delayed several times from the original target of fall 2003. The film opened in theaters across America on August 12, 2005, three days before the 60th anniversary of V-J Day. The real-life efforts of Filipino guerrillas are also specifically highlighted, especially a stand at a bridge that delayed Japanese reinforcements. These units fought alongside Americans against Japanese occupiers during the war.


The Great Raid was based on actual events and is adapted from William B. Breuer's book of the same name.
In the winter of 1944, World War II was coming to a close. The Japanese held some of the American prisoners who had survived the Bataan Death March in a notorious prisoner-of-war camp at Cabanatuan and subjected them to harsh treatment; many prisoners were also stricken with malaria. At the time of the raid the camp held about five hundred prisoners.
The film opens with a scene of Japanese massacre of prisoners of war on Palawan. The man who supervised the massacre is shown expressing no emotions at all, as if it were a regular part of his duty -- which it probably was, for the insignia he wears is of the Kempeitai, the Imperial Japanese military's secret police. The film then switches over to Lingayen Gulf, showing the 6th Ranger Battalion. Col. Mucci learns of the Cabanatuan prison camp and is ordered by Gen. Walter Krueger to plan a raid to liberate all of the prisoners of war. The plan is completed, and the Rangers move out. The film then periodically switches between the points of view of the Filipino Resistance, the POWs at Cabanatuan, the Rangers, and, finally, the Japanese.
That winter, the 6th Ranger Battalion of the US Army, aided by Filipino guerrillas, staged the Raid at Cabanatuan, a broad attack on the camp to rescue the remaining prisoners. Lt. Col. Henry Mucci (Bratt) and Cpt. Robert Prince (Franco) led the attack, which succeeded gloriously.
The Americans used a Lockheed P-61 Black Widow night fighter to divert Japanese attention while the Rangers were crawling toward the camp (but the aircraft used in the movie was a Lockheed Hudson, because none of the four surviving P-61s was airworthy when the film was made).

Featured cast
Benjamin Bratt Lt. Colonel Henry Mucci
James Franco Captain Robert Prince
Robert Mammone Captain Fisher
Max Martini 1st Sgt. Sid "Top" Wojo
Joseph Fiennes Major Gibson
Cesar Montano Captain Juan Pajota
Marton Csokas Captain Redding
Natalie Mendoza Mina
Dale Dye General Walter Krueger
Clayne Crawford PFC Aldrige
Connie Nielsen Margaret Utinsky

so tell me what do you think... hope you write in this forum
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