Operation Mindfuck
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29 / M / Fear and Loathing...
Posted 6/15/08
Dear Reader,

please read this from a distance and in a well lite room!

Thank you for visiting this Topic.
Try to imagin a place without limits, complete freedom!
Then open your eyes and take a look at the Media, your social System or the politic.

After climbing the last stair to Salvation, the big and hairy couchpotato will spread out her arms and hug you till you´ll be reborn.
Try to find your meaning of life without hesitations, fears or scrupels!

Don´t forget, if you meet a massive grey mass and it try´s to give you some cookies, run away!
Find the blue bird of happiness and watch out for the chicken of depression.

Thank you for your attention!

Heil Eris!
Posted 6/15/08
What are we meant to be discussing here? =]
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30 / M / Japan
Posted 6/15/08
Randomness. Pointless.

~ Locked
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