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I did not include many side stories into this because this is how the anime is going to be presented ... We WILL stick with the story line as to not compremise the complexity of the story. Any story that is not along with this basic outline will not be included in the anime, but that does NOT mean we wont include it into the books themselves. We apreciate all of the stories you all write and we wont judge them based on length, but i will, along with my co-writers, decide what will be finalized into the anime itself ... thank you for the understanding.

Mystical Community Summary

The Mystical Community is a Realm Governed by the Mystical Council, a group of Mystics who use their powers to defend the peace and freedom of the Mystical Community. There wasn’t always a Mystical Community though; years ago there was a great war between the pure breeds and the Hybrids, a mix of more then one race, to see who was superior. There was no definite outcome and both sides took heavy casualties, the resulting battles caused a rift between the Mystical Realm and the Death Dimension, commonly referred to simply as Hell. In the Death Dimension the populace is solely that of demons of both lesser and greater proportions. The highest level of demon is the Demon Lords of the Death Dimension, one of them being Draethius. Draethius noticed the rift between realms and used it to his advantage by taking himself and his hordes of demons into the Mystical Realm. He was too powerful for either the hybrids or the pure breeds to take on. He ruled the Mystical Realm for around a thousand years, until a Kim-un-Kir, a hybrid race born roughly every 500 years, named Tenkai united all of the races against the Demon Lord Draethius, with the help of the elder Gods, and sealed him away. The Demon Lord had an apprentice known as Sirberius, who unknowingly was also a Kim-un-Kir, and they used him as a seal of the Demon Lords power.
The Demon Lords presence however was not completely eradicated. A group known as The Fallen Order, a cult of sorts to the Demon Lord, was able to obtain an essence of the Demon Lord before he was sealed away back into the Death Dimension. They remained hidden from the population for centuries working on a way to bring back the Demon Lord. After the Demon Lord was banished by the races and the elder Gods there was turmoil in the Heavenly Realm between the angels and the Gods due to the Gods demanding that the angels were equal to the Mystical races. The angels rebelled, lead by the arch angel Azriel, against the Gods but were not powerful enough and were banished to the Burning City of Dis, located in the Death Dimension. This lead to an untrusting by the Gods of every race also because, it was possible for the other races to turn against them. This opened up a perfect opportunity for the group known as SALIGIA, entities based off of the seven deadly sins whose goal is to cause complete turmoil and chaos in the realms, to turn the realm into utter chaos. They pulled the strings behind the Great God War which lead to the loss of many Gods and Mystical races alike.
After the Great God War; Sirberius, the once disciple of the Demon Lord Draethius, created the Mystical Community, where all races no matter if they were pure breeds or hybrids were equal. This idea of peace lasted a few decades until the reemergence of The Fallen Order. They began to attack cities to draw out the Mystical Council members known as Dante and Sirberius himself. Dante, while fighting one of the lesser ranks, found out that The Fallen Order were the ones behind the attacks. As the fights became tougher Dante and Sirberius were pushed into using more power then they were used to using. Dante learned of his soul absorption and began to gain more power after each and every fight. As Dante’s power grew so did his desire to become stronger then that of his leader Sirberius, in his fights with The Fallen Order Dante found out that the Demon Lord Draethius’s essence was actually imbedded into his own being. As Dante gained souls and power so did Draethius, during an encounter with one of the higher ranked members of The Fallen Order Dante agrees with Draethius to use his Demonic powers. He gains immense power and takes matters into his own hands. With the corruption of Draethius, Dante went on to challenge Sirberius in the city of Tyruna. The battle is of epic proportions and leads to the deaths of two friends of Sirberius, Larac, one of the strongest council members, and Mewt, a God, this causes Sirberius to stop playing around using as much power as his body is capable and traps himself and Draethius back into the Death Dimension.
In the Death Dimension; Draethius discards Dante, not needing his vessel anymore, causing Dante to regain his personality and memories. He apologizes to Sirberius and fights along side him against the stronger Draethius and his hordes of Demons. The fighting goes on in the Death Dimension until Sirberius’s pendent reacts to something in the Mystical Realm causing a rift, as happened in the past, and Sirberius sees this as his only way out of the Death Dimension. Sirberius and Dante fight their way to the rift with the ensuing Draethius behind them, Sirberius escapes as Dante stays back stalling the Demon Lord himself long enough for Sirberius to escape and close the portal. But when he gets back, his pendant starts to mess with his Kim-un-Kur abilites. It unleashes a form and power that the Elder Gods always feared would destroy them. But the power takes over his mind and body, sending him into an uncontrolable rage. This takes place during the SALIGIA events. Dante stays behind and is eternally tortured by Draethius for ruining his only way out of the Death Dimension.
Back in the Mystical Realm everything is not quite back to normal. The capital city is nearly decimated, there is turmoil between the citizens as to why Dante was even in the Council and how he was allowed to betray them like he did, and to top it all off SALIGIA is still standing strong in their attempts to throw the Mystical Realm into a heightened state of entropy.

The First series ends and the next begins, the treat of SALIGIA is still at hand and the loss of Dante will cripple the strength of the Mystical Council.
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