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Original Sin : Youth of a Shapeshifter

Long before the mystic council was made, there were just races. Beings that only obey/follow their own race and their alliances. Not much thought was put in uniting this races into one, only a counted few were willing to take the risk. A couple;nobles , Preusller Aledan(Mage) and Jou'se(angel) were one of those two. Their only dreams that their two sons and their daughter would live in a world that tensions between races would never escalate to war.
"King!, call your brother. He's playing with Luther in the dungeon rooms again" Jou'se shouted.

King(Diosma) went down to the dungeon rooms, looking for his older brother. His brother shouted and led him into a room with only candles made the room visible. As he entered he saw his brother and his friend with a small demonic creature between them, enclosed in a seal.

"Big bro, you know mom hates demon summoning"King said as he watched the little demon force its way out of the magic circle.
"your just jealous cause you can't do magic, and don't tell mom and dad"L'rac replied.
"Come here, King. lets feed the demon"Luther said as he pulled L'rac's litttle brother closer.

Luther cut King's finger and poured little blood on the demon's head. The three boys watched as the demon happily feed on the blood; the demon begged for more but sadly L'rac and luther returned it to hell.

"I hate it when u cut me luther, I dont like seeing my blood remember"king argued.
"It's so funny the way that demon begged, im sorry king i couldn't help it" He replied.
"Why are whining?, you hardly even feel the pain and you quickly regenerate faster than me and Luther combined"L'rac said.
"Whats with that anyway?"Luther asked.
"I dont know ok, im too scared to ask mom"

They heard the call of their mother and they quickly responded. Luther went to his own home as the two brothers brothers accompanied their mother. They were taught about peace, and how should all races be united for the good of all mystics.

"Mom, if your teaching about races uniting; why do you hate demons?"L'rac asks.
"You've been reading about summoning again have you"She said as she pull on the boys ear. L'rac shapeshifted his ears to slip from his mother's hand.
"Hey mom, why cant I do that and L'rac can?"King asked.
"Everyone is special king. Remember your sister?, shes the only one in the family that can that can control minds"She replied
"and for your question L'rac. Demons in hell and Demons that live in the mystical are very much different. Remember that"She told her sons as a sad expression accompany her words.

The two boys listened to their mother all the way as they walked to the garden. Their lesson was ended as they ran to their fathers arm. The warm hugs filled their hearts with happiness, they sat at the garden as they brawl with their father. L'rac changed his form into a large bear as he squish the two.

Preusller:Ok ok, stop now. lets get to practice. A duel between two brothers. conditions?
King:Ahhwww dad, you kno I cant win. Big brother always turns the ground to mud.
L'rac:Don't be a crybaby. its not my fault I'm good at it
Preusller: ok ok, Duel rules.
King: No geomancy
L'rac: No leaving the garden.
King: No shapeshifting to flying or big creatures.
L'rac: No hitting balls (King and their father laughed as L'rac said this condition)
King: No swords.
L'rac: no fair, You taken out everything im good at.
Preusller: Whats ur condition L'rac. Information is a good way to defeat an opponent, I told you that in our lecture.
L'rac: First blood.
Preusller: Ok, dueling condition ok?. ok then, duel starts now.

The two brothers agreed on the rules they have given.

L'rac shapeshifted into a snake slithering his way to his little brother, trying to bite his leg. The snake jumped off to bite off King's face but his efforts was futile as he was caught by King's hand. L'rac shapeshifted into an electric eel, shocking his brother, forcing him to let go. He shapeshifts into his normal form and added two more extra arms. His brother ran towards him and trying to land a punch at L'rac's face. Their hands clashed and gripped each others, L'rac kept punching his brothers ribs. King was unaffected because of his ability to be invincible, he giggled as L'rac jumped away from his brother.

"No fair dad, i need a sword"
"L'rac!!. conditions are conditions"

King ran towards his brother as he whined. L'rac shapeshifted into a land dragon of his size. Fireballs came out of his mouth as King dodge every one of them. One fireball blew King away leaving a large burn in his arm and his shirt burnt. King felt the pain of the flame, the burn fell off his skin as it returned to its normal form. The fight was not declared finished because of no blood has been spilled. King ran towards his mother asking for help.

"Mommy! help me!" He said as he cling to his mothers dress.
"Oh dear, can you end the duel already. King is beat"She said to her husband.
"No can do love, you know a duel gotta be finished with the condition given"He replied.
"King honey, your not giving it your all. Ive seen you move much faster than this"she said.
"But mom, i don't want to hurt big brother". Her mother smiled as she flapped her wings blowing her son away.

King stood up watching his brother taunting him. He breathed slowly as energy started to flow out of him, King suddenly ran towards his older brother and a sonic boom sounded at the same time he made a move. King was faster than before and was circling around L'rac, King ran towards his brother but suddenly stopped and started to punch his own face; while L'rac shapeshifted onto a cow and started to eat the grass.

A girl was laughing at the view, it was their older sister. Controlling their minds as they do the acts they do now.

"you two are such weaklings"Gladys taunting her two younger brothers.
"Stop it Gladys, you know better than to stop a duel"Her father said.
"Sorry father"

Preusller gave the two boys the go signal to continue their fight. They try to recover from the humiliation and returned to the fights pace. L'rac didnt give King a time to focus as he turned into a wolf trying to land his teeth and claws to his brothers. He thought he had landed his attack well but as he looked only a spec of energy was the only thing he felt, before he could realize it, King was already behind running towards him with a fist coming to his face. L'rac flew far from his distance, blood started to drip from his mouth. His dad ended the fight as he saw blood from L'rac's mouth. King cheered as he won his first fight against his brother. Out of jealousy L'rac used his blood and formed a seal on the grass. Red light came out of the blood as a demon started to come out. The demon was bedazzled as he looked at the kid who summoned him.

"What is your request child?"The demon said. L'rac was still in shock as he look at the demon. The demon reached his hands at the child but before he could reach the child, his arm was suddenly cut off from his body and it fell to the ground bleeding. The demon turned to ice and breaked into pieces.

King and Gladys was terrified as they saw a demon close to their brother. A bright yellow light suddenly landed on the corpse of the demon, Jou'se was behind L'rac with a sword as Preusller was behind the demon with his staff.

The couple looked at one of their son, with the look of anger, disappointment and pity. . . .
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Posted 6/15/08
Brothers forever: Blood and cause

10 years after the incident. nobody talk much about the event, they all lived like they once before, learning from the lessons given to them by their parents. They learn everything from moral to fighting using magic and skills. Their abilities honed by training from friends and family.

A celebration is held to the birth of the two brothers, friends and acquaintances of the Aledan brothers reached over a hundred for they were well known. The hall was full of nobles, races like angels, elementals and even a few dragon hybrids were even present. The two brothers stood on top of the stage as the audience silence themselves.

"Ladies"L'rac said as he winked at some of them"As we all know, the score is 14-9 between me and my brother. and now that were both both Adults we've decided the duel should be different. we decided that our beloved friends should decide the condition".

the audience shouted out loud "First one to cry uncle". They clapped as Preusller takes the stage to take his turn to announce his "Uhm, our honored guest. Before you see the defeat of my beloved sons to knock their heads off. I would like everyone to know that you are not alone in the cause for the unity of races, my wife and me if ever given the chance will work to the better future of the mystical realm, thank you" cheers and tears was given to that little speech.

The two brothers goes separate ways going to their own group of friends. Luther pulled L'rac to meet a few of his friends that L'rac need to be introduced to.

Wisdom: Hello, my name is wisdom.
L'rac: nice to meet you Wisdom, the names L'rac if you did not know.
Luther: this is Aersx, Disseer, and Toir.

They shook hands and introduced themselves to one of the birthday boy. An elf jumped into the hands of L'rac, a childhood friend Telvi. they laughed and drink wine, celebrating with the L'rac. Wisdom and Luther dragged L'rac to the dungeon rooms, to Introduce them to another friend. L'rac felt an enormous surge of energy, in the dungeon. At the sight L'rac saw two vampires were present.

L'rac: So you two are vampires?. Nice to meet you, It's an honor to meet you two.
Eis: It is an honor to meet the newest member to the brotherhood.
L'rac: Excuse me? I'm sorry but i dont understand what you're talking about.

A vampire crept behind L'rac and bit his neck, the vampire drank his blood only for a second. L'rac slipped from the vampires hold and drew his sword.

"Luther, whats the meaning of this?"He asked his friend as his sword aiming at the vampire.
"She'in!, where is your manners?!"Wisdom shouted.

L'rac looked at the three beings and was a bit worried. He covers his neck with his hand, slowly healing it on its own.

She'in: I am sorry, But your foul blood is so exotic to the tip of my tongue.
L'rac: Well, i am sorry too for drawing my sword.
Wisdom: L'rac, we want you to join our group.
Eis: A group of beings whose goal is to unite all races, cause we think it is time for peace not tension between races.
L'rac: I am honored, but why me?
Wisdom: Luther told us about you, a being who can change into a million other beings. quite unique i say.
Luther: I also told them that your also willing for the cause. Like your parents.
L'rac: I grew up learning only those cause, I would be happy to join. I can't wait to tell my brother.
Luther: uhm, L'rac. you can't tell anyone. We still need to lay low, not too many still agrees to this cause of ours.
L'rac: I understand it full well.
Eis: Now, lets not be too casual. L'rac, I heard you love learning about seals and sigils.

L'rac and Eis bonded and taught each other about seals and talking about the cause that they are willing to sacrifice their life for. She'in loitered around the dungeon rooms as Luther and Wisdom went upstairs to talk to the other members.
The two brothers met at the entrance of their mansion, the audience surrounded them as they were about to draw swords, but before they could start to tell the conditions, a god appeared riding the lightning landing on to the spotlight.

"I am sorry to interrupt the party, but I am in search of an evil hybrid. A vampire hybrid, is in this facility. He has been guilty of commiting genocide" the god said aloud.
"I never thought that a god would still fight us, after witnessing gods laying dead hanging like hanged dolls"She'in said.
"No one has to die today god"Eis said to the god holding a sharp staff and a shield.
"Disgusting hybrid, you have been sentenced to death by the Elder Gods"

The god started to fire bolts of lightning at the two vampires. Eis repelled every bolt with his hands while She'in used his speed to make mirages. Lightning started to surround the god protecting him from anyone who gets near. The audience fled as they did not want to be involve in fighting against gods. L'rac watched afar as he sees his new friends are being attacked by a god. Luther and the others who are members of the brotherhood fled saying their goodbyes to the owners of the house.

"Wait, what about Eis and She'in?"L'rac asked to Luther.
"Don't worry about them. Remember your a brother now"Luther replied.

The vampires kept avoiding the bolts of lightning as the place started to empty. The two vampires nodded to each other, the lightning that surrounded the god started showing images of She'in getting shocked. The god was slowly losing energy, he looked to see what was taking his energy. It was Wisdom absorbing his godly energy from afar. When the lightning bolts started to deteriorate and losing ts color, the god kneeled down and the two vampires look as the god admits to death. Before the vampires could even get near the god L'rac's parents stopped them from their movement, She'in's feet was frozen and Eis' neck was in contact with Jou'se's sword.

Jou'se: We know how you feel vampires, this god doesn't have to die.
Preusller: You will only be adding fuel to the fire. Stay true to your cause.

The two vampires disappeared in vampire fashion. Leaving the couple with the god.

god: Traitors, you should have killed those two vampires.
Jou'se: I am sorry god, but we do not kill for no reason.
god: They are killers.
Preussller: what did you want us to do? do you think we could have really taken out all four of those beings
god: There were only three you weaklings and you angel. . . Don't tell me you conspire against the gods.
Jou'se: I do not conspire against anyone and trust my husband there were four of them.
god: I do not have time to listen, it seems your vampire friends did not go far.

The god exploded and turned to lightning and hunts the vampires. King and L'rac losing the appetite for the battle they rested.

E.G.A's Blood Palace

The god landed at the Blood Palace. Meeting the two vampires half way.
"So this is where you disgusting creatures live"the god said.
"Wrong place to act highly god, you have no friends here"Eis replied.
"Who said I came alone"Then suddenly the god was surrounded by twenty more gods and ten angels.
"I am sorry but we cannot let one of you live now that you know where my Palace is"Eis said as one of the angels suddenly fall dead.

Explosions starts to to surround the environment. . . .death was in the atmosphere.....
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Exodus: First

"Mom, I got a letter from Luther. He wants me to train with him in Marsh Luna"L'rac said to his mother.
"But I you promised to learn magic from a Wizard or a scholar"His mother replied.
"You know Luther and me work hard to learn new spells and hes a good magus too you know"
"Hai, ok son. but promise me, when you come back and if you can't beat your father with magic. You will learn from the beings I recommend you"
"Yeah promise. As long as King comes with me, even though he has no magic in him. Bye ma, love you"

His mother smiled as he left the room. He packed his small bag and visited his brother.

"Big BRO!!!, Why can't I come"King argued.
"It's not like I don't want you, but all your good for is speed and attacks. You can't even call out a small flame in yout hands" L'rac laughed as he slapped his brothers back.
"Idiot, but when you comeback. Be sure you're prepared to defeat me, I will be training with mother everyday. So be prepared!"

Gladys, L'rac's older sister gave him a hug as he talked to king. Giving him a kiss, which made the siblings laugh.They bonded for one last time, talking about how much fun they had in the past. Now that they are all at the age of 22 their sister 23. They made their own decisions to help the cause their parents have taught them.

There was no parties for his leave, He wanted his departure to be discreet. Thinking that enemies of the Endless Brotherhood would follow him. He had only kisses and hugz from family members, except from his father who was busy with work.

He left without notice only goodbyes. He grew white graceful wings like her mother's wings, making him look like an angel. Marsh Luna was far thats what hes option is only to fly. An hour has passed, and he passed into a quiet village. To his curiousity he landed down and suppressed his wings, he watched; walked around the quiet town looking for a sign of life. It was only a few minutes till the night, then L'rac started to feel a presence. A large number of vampire suddenly apeared, walking around like humans do in the town. It was a town of vampires. L'rac blended in by making his fangs long and paled his skin. He was enjoying seeing the race that he rarely sees, walking with them like he was a vampire too. Some vampires stared at him, some didn't care. He was going from shop to shop looking at how vampires do, he was well enjoying the sight. He went into a blood bar, welcomed he was by the bartender but some vampires had a stare on him.

"Uhm, bartender...I would like to have blood please"L'rac said.
"You're new here huh. . .Never saw your face before"the bartender asked him.
"Yeah, just flew in to have a sight see. Checkin the sight"
"Your one of the few vampires here whos been happy, seems like you had plenty of blood"
"Ah yes, why? supply of blood been low?"
"No, so how do you want yours fresh or glass?"
"Huh? Whats the difference?"
"Glass, is blood taken from a human. . ."
"And fresh?"L'rac answered with thought to his head.
"You can drink it straight from the source"

Out of the sudden the door burst with a girl screaming out for help. L'rac somehow knew something like this might happen, most of the studies he had done about vampires was about drinking blood and taking a life. He looked at the woman as she was dragged to the back of the room.

"your not a vampire are you?"The vampire bartender asked L'rac.
"I'm a vampire, It's just. . . uhm, I usually don't drink from people who are not willing to give their blood"
"Your acting like theres anything humans can do to stop us"
"Wouldn't it be better If humans and vampires be helping each other"
"HAHAHA, so your one of those vampires who want the unity of races, BS my friend BS"

Again the girl screams for help, L'rac could not ignore the cries of the young woman, he was forced to draw his 2 swords. He was greatly outnumbered as the vampires got up and stared at him. He moved to the far corner of the bar, so he could have a slight chance to survive.

"OK, lets not do anything stupid. I don't want to kill any vampires, Let me just take the woman and We'll forget about htis whole accident"L'rac said as sweat slid to his cheek.
"You're not in the position to give out terms"A vampire shout out.
"Please. . .no one needs to die today"

Suddenly a vampire jumped at him, he sliced the vampires head. He was not scared of dying, he was scared that he is not doing his part by uniting races, but surely he knows that it might be his end. All the vampires slowly walk towards him, the dead body lies on the floor. L'rac holding his two swords formed a stance so that the vampires would be threatened to get close. Four vampires suddenly appeared in front of him, one got stabbed by his sword and another stopped him from swinging his other sword. They pinned him to the wall then ten vampires joined in and() started to drink his blood, the vampires coughed and spitted the blood out. L'rac was drained a lot of blood, he was weakened and a bit dizzy.

"Whats happening?"A vampire said.
"His blood!, It's foul!"The vampire who took a bite replied.
"What are you?!"
"I don't know, I'm not a vamp. . ."L'rac replied but could not speak properly.

A vampire then stab L'rac with his hands. L'rac was coughing blood and gripped the vampires hand. The vampires laughed at the sight, L'rac was looking at the vampires not with fear but confusion. He was pleading one more time to let him go but the vampires only replied with laughter. Suddenly the vampire who stabbed L'rac started screaming of pain.

"GOD!! FUCK!! HELP ME ANYONE!" the vampires stared to what happened. For the first time their expression changed, an expression that youd thought a vampire would never have. They saw the vampire slowly being eaten by L'rac's body, In a great amount of pain the vampire was; L'rac could barely see or hear because of the state he was in. The vampires could not move, they only stared as L'rac's body feed. L'rac stretched his hand about 15 feet, grabbing a vampire at random. His hand started to consume the vampire, he pulled on the vampire. The screams of the two vampires filled the room as it echo through the room. It took about 10 minutes for L'rac to completely consume the two. L'rac felt like someone who had just woken up, dizzy only for a little, but still ok.

"What happened?!, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!"L'rac was having headache as he shouts. He felt strange, he felt like his soul was tainted of murder, violence and hate. . . .and visions of the vampire's victims circulate to his head.

"What are you?!"a vampire asked.
"Just let the girl go,"L'rac said. . .He was still having troubles standing up.

The vampires turned to mist and left. L'rac walked towards the door to where the girl was, to his sight he saw the girl stripped of her clothes and her wrist were cut. He walked up to her and carried her out of the room(The room was filled with dead bodies, hanged like cows). He let the girl rest and take a seat.

"Thank you"the girl said.
"Don't talk, It was the right thing to do. . sorry but i can't talk much for now, where do you live?"he asked.
"In a nearby village"
"I'll take you there. . . .Just point the way"

L'rac careful got outside, observing if a vampire would attack him again. He changed his form into a land dragon, telling the girl to take a ride on him. They left the village without being followed, it took L'rac hours to reach the village. When he reached the village a cold stare welcomed him. Before he could say a word, he changed back to normal form and fell dead bleeding. . . . . .

Dreams of people dying, being drained of blood. . .L'rac woke up sweating. He saw his body was all taken care of, with cloth wrapping all over from head to feet. He went out to the room, the villagers was talking and avoiding glances at him.

"Wheres the girl that was with me, she lives in this village."L'rac said to the person closest, who was an old man.
"You shouldn't have brought her back"the old man said.
"what? I don't know what your saying"he replied.
"She is slowly becoming a vampire"
"What?!, I am sorry. . ."L'rac couldn't say a word to ease the situation.
"It's ok child, but now theres a vampire in our village. We would I either kill it or force it away out of town"
"But she is a villager here. . ."
"That is why were keeping her alive for now, our elders is still deciding what to do"

The news was disappointing and the fact that he almost got killed was giving him negative thoughts. The girl was no where to be found, he bought a few leather suits and a new pair of swords. He ate the food given to him by the village, he didn't even noticed that it was not prepared well.

Night time. The villagers gathered at the center of the village, the girl(unconscious) was tied to a wooden pole. Four people with masks sat in a chair and was talking to the people, L'rac was present in the crowd.

"People, we have decided. The former human shall be burned to death"one of the man with a mask said.
"I object"L'rac quickly said without thinking. "I brought her here, so I will take her"
"It is not your problem stranger. We have dealt with vampires before"
"It is my fault, I shall take her away from the village"
"How can we trust you that you will not just leave her to wander"
"I can't assure you, but I will promise that she will not take another life"
"Let the boy do what he wishes"One of the masked man said"I believe his word"
"We cannot live with promises and beliefs"another one of the masked man said.

the four masked men gathered and whispered to each other.

"We have decided, 3 out of 4. The former human is sentenced to death"

"NO!"L'rac quickly grew wings and jumped at the girl. He cut off the ropes that was holding the girl and flew off. There were spears flying at him but he was able to avoid it. He flew fast and far away from the village, ensuring no one had spotted them.

"Whats happening?"the girl asked.
"Your not going to your village again, thats whats going to happen" He replied
"but why?. . ."She fearfully ask as she feels her neck "Oh"
"You already know huh. . .You can call me L'rac"
"Call me alice"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .To Be Continued
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