How big is your PENIS?
Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/15/08
This is a penis survey. I want to know if my penis is big enough compared to you guys, and probably you guys are curious as well.

I don't expect anyone going over 20cm since most of you are Asians.
Gentlemans, no need to be shy or anything, be honest, this is the internet.


1# Your penis size (put girth if possible) flaccid or erect you choose.
2# Your ethnic race or country
3# Your age
4# Circumcised or not?

Ps: No girls are allowed to post here, if you really want to, don't make fun of us.

I'll go first.

1# 17cm when erect
2# Asian, Korean
3# I'm still 17
4# Circumcised
Posted 6/15/08
ur so sick!
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Posted 6/15/08
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Posted 6/15/08
wassup with this e-penis enlargement tread
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Posted 6/15/08
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