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30 / F / In the Snow Queen...
Posted 6/15/08
I hear my heart cracking
Or is it the cold
I fear my soul is fading into the darkness
Surrounded by emptiness
Out of sight and out of mind

I hear my heart breaking
A smile that never reaches the light
A hug that never comes to pass
Alone again

I think I am broken
But to you it’s all a joke
You like my heart busted
Just like my soul

I hear my heart crumbling
But you just laugh harder
You seem to be happier
With a bounce in your step

I wonder what would happen
If I finally fell
You’d just find a new victim
To take to your hell

I heard my heart failing
But I just can’t move
I can’t be bother to stop
This ugly red goo

I think my heart’s shatter
But I have no clue
I finally have silence
And no pain too

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24 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/15/08
A fantastic and beautifull sad poem whit much meaning
Great work !
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F / over there
Posted 6/16/08
love the poem so much!! very depth..

I like the line "You'd just find a new victim.... To take to your hell"
Posted 6/27/08
Love your poem the pic matches perfectly please continue writing =)
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