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P.S. Her name is pronounced Ray-na ^^

Doll House Chapter Two

"Over Reaction!"

Two Hours Later

Yuki: Rena, wake up!

Rena: Ugg..... That really hurt.... That fat guy should really watch where he's going...

Yuki: (What is she talking about?!?!?!)

Rena: Wow, look around! Who knew one guy could belly flop us this far away from our houses!
[P.S. Rena sometimes has dreams so weird she gets them confused with reality ^^]

Yuki: Umm.... Rena? What are you talking about?

Rena: Remember, silly? A very fat hoboish old man was begging fish for donuts and then he tumbled donn and belly flopped us and then we knocked out, I think!

Yuki: Umm...

Rena: It was so exciting when (blah blah blah)

Yuki: (Oh no, I don't have the heart to tell her that her most-exciting-encounter-with-a-fat- hoboish-guy was just a dream!!! What do I do? What do I do?!?!? If I tell her it was just a dream she would be sad, and if I play along with her little dream-thing I would be lying to her and.. and!!!)
[Yuki is over-reacting ^^]

Rena: Wowie, Yuki-Kun is really in deep though.
Bunny hoppes up to Rena.

Bunny: Is he okay?

Rena: Yeah he does this alot ^^! Why hello little bunny! Your such a cute little bunny!

Yuki: Look it's a bunny.

Bunny: You got over that fast.... Oh well I better be on my way! Bye!
Bunny hops away.

Rena: What a cute little bunny that was, right Yuki-Kun?

Yuki: Wait! *sigh* we could have asked him how to get back....

Rena: Why do you want to go back right now? Aren't you having fun with me...?

Yuki: Of course I like being with you! I mean I like-! I? Ummm! Won't your parents be worried!?!?

Rena: Naa... Remember that day we had a sleep over? Well I never asked my parents if I was allowed to go, they didn't even notice I was gone.

Yuki: You mean you went into a member of the different sex's house and your parents didn't even allow it?!? (Oh no! Next time I see her parents I'll feel all gilty and with tell them everything that happened and will get Rena in trouble, and then she'll hate me, and then...and then!!!)

Rena: Don't worry it's nothing to worry about it, no one is going to tell on us! (I wounder what Yuki-kun is thinking about?)

[Above Them On A Tree]

Guy: Hmm.... Now I wonder what fun I'll have with these two? They do look awfully fun to play with, don't then Sato?

Bird: Squak!


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more! give us more! what happen next~~!!?!
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can't wait till chapter 3!
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