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Posted 6/15/08 , edited 6/16/08
(mafiamans note: this review was originally posted by me on i have an account called Desian on there and have posted several reviews over the last couple months on there. overall very suprised to find there are no elfen lied reviews here considering you have an image from the series on the group profile. anyways here goes...)

an instant classic. many dark themes, irony, comedy, romance, mystery, and most of all... tragety.

story: 9/10
the show dives right in with a girl slaughtering 24+ people in a matter of minutes. she is shot in the head and falles into the sea. soon after she washes up on shore in a populated area and is taken in by a pair of college students. it becomes apparent that the girls personality is split into good and evil. with the good leaving smiles and the evil leaving buckets o' blood before switching back into good. a lovable cast is introduced one by one in strange and amusing ways, each leaving their mark on the viewer. the innocent murderer(nyu), the homeless girl(mayu), the pacifist weapon(nana), the clueless imbecile(kouta), the douche with a gun(bando), the sadistic loli(mariko) and the lovestruck cousin(yuka)... these characters have deep personalities and pasts that tie them deeply into the plot of the story, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper until the end. the plot delves into the past toward the end of the series and contains a lot of emotion in the final episodes.

Art: 10/10
one of the greatest draws of elfen lied is the quality of the animation. from the moment you watch the OP sequence you know youve found something special(opening credits are based off of paintings by gustav klimt. compare them and be amazed). the characters are drawn extremely well and the backgrounds and scenery are superb as well. there is a slight overabundance of blood in this series but it is pulled off really well, as shown in the first episode. screenshots are often high enough quality to use as desktop wallpaper if one so desires(yes it is that good).
allthough there is some nudity in the series there is no actual sexual activity so this can by no means be considered a hentai.

sound: 10/10
right of the bat i found the sound quality to be very high. the into theme is a masterpiece that perfectly reflects the mood of the show. throughout the series the sound effects(particularly when there is a splash of gore) are of very high quality and there is no delay between action and sound. the lip synching is perfect in the japanese version and almost perfect in the dubbed version which is amazingly good in itself. i watched the series on both english and japanese and i can tell you the sound quality is the same in each as is the sound effecs and timing.

all characters are fully explained throughout the story. they have full personalities and past experiences that the show draws upon to more fully explain certain events in the story. they all have their stongpoints and weaknesses and their emotions coupled with the musical score of the story can and probably will drive you to tears.

a truly entertaining and captivating story rife with tragety and happyness. much violence and carnage to be found for those who love this stuff. unfortunately the ending is a bit of a letdown and leaves you speculating on what really happened.

overall its a great series that touches the heart and mind that is of high quality and enjoyment.

bottom line: 10/10
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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/13/08
no one replied yet except me! D= why? this anime is so good! i like the way the murder worked... i mean it's so bloody, i like it... and the story and the twists are also good! and the entrance song, LILIUM, i love it so much! i recommend people to watch this anime, well, that is if you have good tolerance over bloody and murderous animes that is...
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
think so?? hahahahah.. yeah, the anime is good. But it's a little complicated having only 13 episode.. a dull one.. Not enough budget?? Maybe... it has to be more that 30 episode t make the story and the plot better..

Its a great anime, considering your into gore, blood and... more blood. hahahah.. Its good, the way Lucy turned in Nyu. its kinda cute though.. Hahahah!! This is not an anime for children nthough. lots of killing naked scene. Which kinda HOT!! hahahah.. so, It's great.. a 8/10 originarily.. but because of a cousin being inlove with each other. WTF?! is that?? its a 6/10 hahahah!!!
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