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Posted 9/6/08
September 6, 2008

Yesterday was one of my best friend's birthday, and last Monday, September 1, was a best freind's birthday as well. (So that means we're all 13!!!)

We were supposed to go out today, but Carissa (the one whose birthday was yesterday) and Amanda (the one whose birthday was July 19) had to go one a tree-planting activity since they joined Forest Club and Project E.A.R.T.H.

Instead, we planned to go on September 13, Saturday.

Here's the catch: The tree-planting was cancelled!! Gah!!

So now we can't even go out anymore since the plans are final. Gah.

But for the good news:

My poem was picked to appear in the school newspaper, Blue Flame!! I'm SO happy!!!

This is the poem:

That's all for now!!

Posted 10/22/08
oct 22 2008

i................wonder if i should tell Harrison i like him alot..............what should i do? my head aches so much.................i..........i........wish my BFF would be beside me always........i just want to cry........cry
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Posted 12/23/09
December 23, 2009

Its just a 2 days before christmas and it dosent feel like it. It hasnt been much of a good few months then again its just been 5 months that i moved from george to california (coast to coast) my dad recently had another surgery last friday (its been a while we've had to deal with his heart problem) and im left to tend to him. Just 2 months back my 18 year old brother (who i was really attached to) moved back to georgia to live with his friend. My parents are struggling to move out from my uncles and aunts house since we arent really welcome here. Ive just been so miserable latley that i dont know what to do. Being 14 under these conditions isnt the greatest especially cuz of my lack of maturity. I just dont want to live this way and i refuse the urge to go back to cutting myself which i really work hard to get over. *sigh* hope this gets better.
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