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from now on when Sakura, Satskia and Kayumi do someyhing at the same time it will be –SSK- and when it’s with Anaka it will be –ASSK- or in another order, whatever)

Were Dating!?!

Stupid Kai *pouts*. I couldn’t sleep a bit yesterday night. Being a vampire kind of sucks!! But it is still totally awesome!! *yawns* But I still couldn’t fall asleep. T~T
[next day at school]

Anaka: *walks into the schoolyard half asleep*

Kayumi: Um…. A-.. Anaka-chan??

Anaka: What?? -.-

Kayumi: >< *hides behind Satskia*

Satskia: Are you alright Anaka??

Anaka: I’ fine. I just couldn’t get any sleep.

Sakura: We can see that….

Anaka: *sees Kai walk into the schoolyard**storms over to Kai*

Kai: Hey, you don’t look so good…

Anaka: You think???!! I couldn’t get any sleep last night.

Kai: Yeah, that’s going to happen until you reach level 9.

Anaka: So evil. T~T I want to know. What powers do you get on each level??

Kai: Well there are 13 levels….

Anaka: But your only level 10?? How can you be a teacher??

Kai: Only pure blood vampires can reach level 13. It’s complicated, besides I was forced into being a teacher. *looks away*

Anaka: By who?? And how can they force you to become a teacher?? And how can u be 16 at lev-…..

Kai: IT’S COMPLICATED!! *walks away*

Anaka: ……. Did I say something wrong???

SSK: *walk over to Anaka*

Satskia: Um…. Anaka.. ??

Anaka: Yeah.. what is it??

Kayumi: How do you know Kai?? And how did you get him to talk to you??

Sakura: Are the rumors real??

Satskia: What are his interests

Anaka: Um…um…ahn….

SSK: Well?!!

Anaka: Um… *runs away and hides behind gym*

Kai: *appears next to her *….. Tell them we are dating….

Anaka: WAH!! >< Stop sneaking up on me PLS!! Wait, what.. dating?!?!?

Kai: Yeah. That should keep them of your back.

Anaka: More like make them nag me more >.> Since your always quiet, never socialize and the hottest guy at the school it will make them ask me MORE questions.

Kai: Choose. You tell them you’re a vampire OR that we are dating.

Anaka: *pouts* Hmph…fine >.>

[in class]

Anaka: *opens door**walks in*

Satskia: ANAKA!!

Anaka: Huh??
Sakura: How do u know Kai?!!!

Anaka: Um….

Kayumi: HOW!!

Anaka: um…. Wel… it’s, um….

Kai: *stands in the doorway* We’re dating.

Everyone in Anaka’s class: *GASP*

SSK: *speechless*

Anaka: *pulls Kai outside* I could have made something up you know.

Kai: I t didn’t seem that way.

*Bell Rings*

Kai: I’m going to class….

Anaka: Ok….

Every kid from Anaka’s class: *look at them*

Kai: *hugs Anaka*

Anaka: *shocked* (He smells nice. Oh wait he’s a jerk how can I think that?!)

Kai: *whispers in her ear* We have to act it.

Anaka: Ok *hugs back* Bye bye –smiles-

Kai: *walks away*

Anaka: *walks into her classroom*

Every kid from Anaka’s class: *mouth wide open*

Anaka: What??

Sensei: *walks into classroom* Ok everyone to their seats.

*everyone goes to their seats*

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hahaha, that was really cute!
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kawaii desu~ ^-^ Kai so coool.He's now stockin her and listinin in on her
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wow tht was fast...but still good
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