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OK so everyone thinks me and Kai are dating. Like I would ever fall for a guy SOO boring!! He barely smiles!! A guy needs to be fun to be truly cute.


Satskia: So Anaka how did you and Kai first start going out?? And why didn’t you tell us??

Kayumi: What I want to know is, how did you get him to talk!??

Sakura: I want to know what your date was like. Is he romantic??

Anaka: Well…. (Kai I am sooo going to kill you!! Too many questions T~T not enough lies.) …… um….. *spots Kai* Look it’s Kai. I’m going to have lunch w/ him -runs away- see you guys later. ^_^


Anaka: *walks up to Kai* Hey.

Kai: What do you want??

Anaka: My friends started asking questions about you and I don’t know what to answer.

Kai: Figure it out.

Anaka: Ok >.> Can I have lunch with you??

Kai: Fine -.- *sits down*

Anaka: *sits next to him*

Kai: *opens his bento*

Anaka: Waw!!~ *makes sparkly eyes* your bento looks delicious! Did your mom make it??

Kai: I made it… *starts eating*

Anaka: Cool! I can’t cook, nor bake T~T *takes out lunch*

Kai: Didn’t you sell those cookies that everyone liked at last weekends bake sale??

Anaka: Um... aunt made them for me. ^^;;

Kai: I see…

Anaka: Is your mom a good cook too??

Kai: She was.

Anaka: Oh… I’m sorry.

Kai: You shouldn’t apologize. You didn’t do anything.

Anaka: Yeah, but I’m sorry for asking.

Kai …… *continues eating*

Anaka: Can you tell me about the levels??

Kai: There are 13 levels, but you can only reach level 10.

Anaka: Why??

Kai: Because levels 11, 12 and 13 are levels only pure bloods can reach. But pure blood vampires are extinct.
Anaka: How can you find out if someone is a pure blood??

Kai: You just feel it. They have a very strange atmosphere around them. Not like other vampires. But the only pure blood vampires are the 4 royal families, and each family has a crest so you can find out just looking at them.

Anaka: 4 royal families??

Kai: But something happened and no one has seen them for 15 years.

Anaka: What happened?

*bell rings*

Kai: Well time to get to class.

Anaka: What do I have to do to pass the 1st level??

Kai: The 1st three levels you don’t have to train for. They will happen on their own. And while those 3 are in process your body will get used to vampire stuff. Than your training will go easier. ‘Cause of we start now you will have a lot of problems.

Anaka: OH, but how will the 1st three levels happen on their own???

Kai: 1st: you turn pale, 2nd: your fangs grow and 3rd: you lose your reflection

Anaka: But what about the training that day??

Kai: I just wanted to see something.

Anaka: Am I really going to turn pale.

Kai: Yup. Well we better get to class now. *starts walking away*

Anaka: Hai. *walks next to him*

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F / In the middle of...
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lol he wanted to see somthin?I wonder what...
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24 / F / Your Imagination...
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omg this is sooo soo good!
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specialbunny11 wrote:

omg this is sooo soo good!

lol thx^^
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F / SomwHeRe on EArTH
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kai wanted to see somethin i wonder what~~
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21 / F / in ur dream
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woow...u hav such ideas for getting lvl up ^^

woooa....ur truly good at!!!! <3
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