Has Sony Lost Square-Enix???
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Posted 6/16/08 , edited 6/16/08
sorry if I got a little of topic........

well to me not entirely but many games such as SO4, Last Remnant, Infinite Discovery,(all S-E games) etc. that were thought to be PS3 exclusive, not only are they coming out for the Xbox 360, but are even being released earlier. Atleast both Square-Enix and Sony have agreed that atleast the FF series like FFXIII and Versus and future FF games will only be released on the PS3(FFXI was released to the 360 because of it's very poor sales).

In my opinon IF FFXIII(or any other future FF releases) was released onto the 360 it will practically be the end for the PS3, because Sony's hoping for and probably will get is a huge increase in PS3's sales once FFXIII is released.

and to add, they reason why the 360 is getting these games is because of the facy that they're dishing out alot of money to get these games first. I think this somewhat shows a weakness on microsoft's half, because I think they know if these games were to be only PS3 exclusive they're sales will fall(which is already starting to happen) and knowing the RPG's are some of the highest selling games(many made by Square-Enix) is a last ditch effort to keep the 360 alive because the 360 is only doing well in NA, where in the rest of the world the sales almost resembles the PS3's compared to the 360 in NA(no offense)
Posted 6/16/08
Sony never HAD SE. And obviously MS wants to apeall to more people so there going to pay to get this stuff put on there games, its not a sign of weakness, its just not being a idiot. "Hey maybe if we have RPG's on this console we can sell more units." "ARE YOU KIDDING, YOUR SO WEAK!!!!!" Yeah, thats what you just kinda said.
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Posted 6/16/08
If no PS3 only games that are too good will be released then It IS the end of Sony.
I fear that because I have Ps3, and the only game good enough for Ps3 only is MSG4.
I hate this, PS3 has no PS3 only games that's good.....T^T.
If this keeps up, maybe I'll sell my PS3 and buy a 360....
BUT, PS3 do have a free online play.....
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Posted 6/16/08
sony had promised ALOT of things for ps3 but i didnt see any of theyr promises come to life ,sony always talk about the ps3 futrue
but it looks like a realy far future
if only IF ps3 is going to survive for the upcoming years sony has to release the FF game

i think that sony released the ps3 way to early

for me i dont like ps3 360 is better
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