Post Reply Bleach soul Extraction Role Play!!
Posted 6/17/08
So in this game you can be anyone and there can even be duplicates of for example ichigo's, but if u want to change your char u have to say Soul Extraction, then continue with your new char, at the top of each post write the name of your current char ure using

Example: P1: Ichigo
Bankai, getsuga tenshou
Player 2: Ichigo
Getsuga tenshou
Player 2: Soul Extraction hitsugaya
Bankai! Dai Hyorinmaru1

so thats how it goes anyone wanna fight me?

I'm ichigo
Posted 6/17/08
*Bankai! Tensa Zangetsu! *

hey im waiting for someone
Posted 6/23/08
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Posted 12/16/09
soul extraction byakuya
*BANKAI!!!!!!!! senbonzakura kageyoshi*
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