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Posted 6/17/08 , edited 6/18/08
The first easy tarot lesson.

Tarot cards will not tell you the future, they will open your mind to many possible future outcomes based on present circumstances (The Path your on) and ways to improve the eventual outcome. A lot of people also find tarot cards to be beneficial when using them as tools for meditation and self enlightenment.

Tarot cards speak to us through their symbolism and because different decks portray different symbols in their pictures each deck will give us a different insight when we seek answers or enlightenment from them.

Getting to know your cards. When you acquire a new tarot deck the first thing you should do is find a quiet spot where you wont be disturbed then think of a question to ask each card, meditate on each of the cards details for a while then, going by your own intuition, imagine what that cards message could be, take plenty of time doing this. Now look up the meanings (Links on the right or in your decks Little White Book) and see how close you were, you might get a surprise. Make Notes in your tarot Journal!

Remember, although the cards given meanings are important to know they should only be used as guides, nothings set in stone, the message each card brings to you personally regarding different questions or problems will change and is more important. Spend some time trying 2 cards together and again, Make Notes in your tarot Journal!

If your memory is not that great you don't have to remember the meanings of all the cards at this point. Getting to know the basic meanings of each tarot card is easy when using this method of learning tarot because you just look them up as you do practice readings, then after a while you'll find yourself having to look them up less and less. The real fun begins when you start delving deeper, letting the cards speak you You!

The second easy tarot lesson.

If you followed the first lesson you have now done 78 single card readings and quiet a few 2 cards readings, now its time to progress.
Three card tarot spreads are the best to use when starting your journey into the tarot, you can gain a surprising amount of information from them while the larger spreads like the ten card Celtic Cross could just be confusing at first. They can

be tackled when you feel more confident with your readings, that's if you feel the need to use them.

You can shuffle the cards whichever way is comfortable for you. After shuffling you can either take 3 cards from the top or spread the cards out on a table and pick the ones your intuition tells you are right. Some readers make 3 piles from the deck then take the top card from each pile. It doesn't matter which way you do it, the point is to pick the cards randomly from the deck whichever way you feel is right for you. Now all you have to do is read them! :)

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