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The Fools Symbolism.
The Tarot Fool symbolizes peoples ambitious potential as they start a major cycle in their life. The white sun represents the spiritual self. He's like a child blindly entering an exciting new world, his loose garment symbolizes the freedom he feels. The Fools innocent passions are symbolized by the the white rose, the barking white dog symbolizes his animal instincts which are too passive to stop him, dogs can also symbolize loyal companions and guardians.
The bag he carries over his shoulder symbolizes a carrier for his past experiences, it hangs nonchalantly at the end of a wand which he picked up thinking it's a handy stick but this is where his power lies. The Eagles head shown on his bag symbolizes spiritual power and freedom.
The Fool warns us to be properly prepared for our journey, but will we heed the warnings or carry on blithely over the precipice!

High Priestess Symbolism.
The High Priestess symbolizes hidden knowledge, she holds the key to one's inner self. She sits between 2 pillars colored black and white, they symbolize eternal opposites and form the gates to wisdom. The horned crown symbolizes the goddess Isis, goddess of the moon and the supernatural. The crystal ball in the center of the crown is a symbol of the mystical wisdom that can only come from within. On her lap she holds a scroll named Tora which represents the book of law.
The High Priestess can give you inner knowledge. But will you know the right way to ask her for some!

The Empress Symbolism.
The Empress symbolizes motherhood, love and caring. The cornfield she sits in symbolizes fruitfulness, fertility and abundance. The waterfall behind her represents the unity of change and stability, the nine pearls in her necklace represent the nine planets and her wand symbolizes her power over the daylight world. Her shield carries the symbol of woman.
The Empress can bring you sensual pleasures but at times she can also be stubborn, will you be nice enough to be offered her gifts?

The Emperor Symbolism.
The Emperor symbolizes controlled order and power, he is the authoritative father figure, husband. He tells us to go by the traditional rules of society and accept humility. The 2 rams heads denote Aries and symbolize our personal desires and the ability to pursue them, the Emperor holds an ankh which symbolizes his power over life and death.
He can give give you the power to lead and succeed but remember, not all powers are good powers and not all laws are good laws.

The Hierophants Symbolism.
The Hierophant is a wise but traditional counsellor who symbolizes the path to spiritual enlightenment, he sits between the pillars of good and evil. On his left hand 2 fingers point up and 2 down, they represent the link between the heavens and earth. The lavish yellow head dress symbolizes intelligence and wisdom, the tiers represent the material, formative and creative worlds. Bald heads symbolize letting go of the material world to search for spiritual enlightenment. The Keys symbolize the locked mysteries between man and woman. The three crosses on staff and tunic symbolize the mind, body and soul.
The Hierophant can show you the traditional ways to spirituality, but are they the right ways for the modern world.

The Lovers Symbolism.
The Lovers card tells us decisions must be made. Behind the man stands the tree of life which symbolizes our desires, behind the woman stands the tree of knowledge which symbolizes truth. The winged angel brings these forces together through physical love while the snake symbolizes hidden wisdom. Will you use your knowledge and wisdom to make a wise decision or will you let your desires dictate your choice.

The Chariots Symbolism.
The Chariot symbolizes forceful forward actions, going for it with determination and victory in the face of opposing forces. Those forces are symbolized as good and evil by the sphinxes which are looking away from each other. The square on his chest symbolizes his vibrant nature which is enabling him to controls the direction the chariot takes him with the power of his mind, not physically.
He travels away from the establishment but will his ambitions take him in the right direction.

The Strength card Symbolism.
The Strength tarot card symbolizes the female inner strength and courage. The lion symbolizes the male's aggressive strength and pride, the woman's white robes symbolize the feminine energy that controls the lion. The wreath on her head with the infinity symbol above tells us her powers are without limit.
We all possess her powers within us but are we strong enough to realize we have them, and use them

The Hermits Symbolism.
The Hermit symbolizes concentration and self discovery. The lantern symbolizes inner light and the Hermits willingness to guide others. The staff symbolizes help along a hard journey, he is leaving the outer world (he stands on a snow covered mountain top) to awaken his inner self and find spiritual truth. The six pointed star inside the lantern symbolizes a universal exchange of spiritual wisdom.
All of us could easily unlock our most inner consciousness's but are we too self-centered or just too lazy to do so.

The Wheel of Fortunes Symbolism.
The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card symbolizes good luck and opportunity, it also pertains to the mysteries of fate. Around the rim of the wheel is the word "TARO" ( an old version of the word tarot) interspersed with Hebrew letters (They are said to spell out the name of God that is never spoken). The 4 symbols on the wheels spokes represent mercury, sulphur, water and salt, together they symbolize change. The snake symbolizes self knowledge, the jackal headed man represents a guide to the dead and the sphinx represents the God of resurrection. The Wheel has three circles. The inner circle represents creative force, the central circle represents formative power and the outer circle represents the material world. The eight spokes represent radiant energy.
The Wheel of Fortune tells us of changes but do we have the foresight to make the wheel turn in our favor.

The Justice cards Symbolism.
In Tarot the Justice card symbolizes using an honest balance when making decisions and legalities, putting a wrong right. The purple veil between the pillars symbolizes hidden inner wisdom The sword is the sword of truth which is held upright to symbolize action. The scales symbolize a balance between past actions and future consequences. The yellow crown symbolizes intellect and mental power.
Justice tells us to make honest decisions but can we be honest enough with ourselves to make the right ones.

The Hanged mans Symbolism.
The Hanged man symbolizes action in non-action, waiting and looking at things in different ways. His crossed legs form an inverted figure "4" symbolizing the 4 suits of the minor arcana cards, they tell us to seek guidance from the cards. The bright yellow halo around his head symbolizes him receiving spiritual enlightenment and the yellow shoes symbolizes his mind in motion. His hands are behind his back symbolizing inaction. The rope is not tied to the branch to tell us he can can come down whenever ho chooses, his physical inactivity is self imposed.
The Hanged man offers us enlightenment but are we prepared to accept another view.

The Death cards Symbolism.
Don't be afraid of the Death card when it turns up in a tarot reading, everything dies and this card is usually referring to the demise of something like a relationship or a business, it actually symbolizes rebirth, transformation and a new era. The black flag relates to death but its covered by a white rose, the symbol of purity. The River symbolizes life giving forces while the ship sailing on it symbolizes travel to new pastures. The pillars form a gateway to the rising sun symbolizing a bright new dawn.
The death of one thing offers us the chance to start again but will we use the gift wisely.

The Temperance cards Symbolism.
Temperance symbolizes fairness, moderation and patience. The triangle on her chest symbolizes the mind, body and soul combined. The water flowing from one cup to another in a seemingly impossible manner symbolizes the flow of knowledge from the unconscious to conscious mind. The pool of water symbolizes our inner world of feelings and the land symbolizes the real world, she stands with one foot in each symbolizing a connection between the two. A path leads from the pool through mountains to a great light, the light symbolizes knowledge of eternal life.
Temperance tells us to be ourselves, but are we brave enough to show our inner selves.

The Devil cards Symbolism.
The Devil symbolizes that which chains us, selfishness and bondage to the past, a refusal to let go. The devils flaming club points downward symbolizing the importance he puts on earthly possessions. The couples nudity symbolizes their innocence. The smaller horns on the two figures tell us they're becoming little devils but their hands are not tied and the chains around their necks are loose symbolizing the ease with which they could break away from their bondage.
The Devil's evil has no real hold over us but do we have the willpower to break free.

The Towers Symbolism.
The Tower symbolizes sudden collapse, a release from bondage, an awakening. The lightening is a symbol of divine force and enlightenment. The crown and fire are symbols of the false values that the lightening is destroying. The people falling symbolize our spiritual limitations being freed from their prison, they fall to the ground where they can start building again.
The Tower offers us the chance to replace an old and unsound building, but are we capable of learning from our mistakes and do it right the second time around.

The Stars Symbolism.
The Star symbolizes our highest potential, hopes and promising outlooks. The water being poured into the pond and on the land symbolizes our silent and public emotional energies being poured out of our hearts to be replaced with heavenly insights and wisdom, symbolized by the large star. The 8 stars, the ibis bird and the tree all symbolize the everlasting nature of this wisdom.
The Star offers us inner wisdom but will we still let our emotions rule us.

The Moons Symbolism.
The Moon symbolizes secrets, hidden dangers and our instincts, our need to look beyond the obvious. The dog symbolizes the animal instincts within us. The crayfish symbolizes our egos locked inside a hard skin, trying to escape it's stagnant habitat. The wolf symbolizes the fear of progress the crayfish feels. The moon in front of the sun with closed eyes symbolizes our egos blocking the light of enlightenment. The road symbolizes a pathway past the towers to the truth, the towers guard our public egos.
The moon tells us to let go of our vanity. But will we let go and dare to delve deeper, to where our inner instincts and reality lie.

The Suns Symbolism.
The Sun symbolizes clarity of vision, optimism and renewed trust. The wall symbolizes the confines of life without clarity and the alternating rays from the sun symbolizes the positive and negative aspects of clarity. The banner symbolizes life's lessons and the courage the child takes with him as he escapes the walls confines. The child wears a feather just like the Fool in card 0, this symbolizes the continuation of Fools journey, now he's fully equipped
The Sun offers to show us the light, but will the light be too bright and confusing.

Judgements Symbolism.
In Tarot the Judgement card symbolizes the summing up of our past actions, it's the end of the journey and the Sun has enlightened us, now we need to decide whether or not we need to change paths.
The red cross on the flag symbolizes the crossroads where opposites meet. The Angel symbolizes our inner unconscious awareness waking us up to the realization of our true potential
Judgment tells us to use our enlightenment to choose the right path, but has the knowledge we gained along our journey given us enough wisdom to do that.

The Worlds Symbolism.
The Tarot World card symbolizes completion and new beginnings. The wreath symbolizes the joining of the physical world with the spiritual world. The four figures around the wreath refer to the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. The figure is naked to symbolize unashamed freedom. The red ribbons around the wreath symbolize courage and passion. The woman holds two wands symbolizing balance.
The World card tells us to get out there and put our newfound knowledge to use, but did we let the lessons sink in.

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