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Tarot Pages:

The Page of Cups Symbolism.
The Page of Cups heralds positive messages regarding relationships, love, marriages, births or something emotionally pleasing coming into your life. The fish is symbolizing emerging emotions, ideas or an understanding. It could also be symbolizing the birth of a child, again, it depends on the question and surrounding cards. The rough sea is symbolizing unsettled emotions, the yellow road adds to that by symbolizing the vibrancy of those emotions. The young man looks the fish in the eye, this symbolizes his fearlessness of his emotions.

The Page of Wands Symbolism.
The Page of Wands symbolizes childhood energies, the seeds of creativity and good news. This page holds his wand with both hands, the right hand symbolizes action and the heft hand symbolizes emotions and intuition. When a feather is from a known bird it symbolizes the qualities of that bird, feathers from an unknown bird symbolizes either a free spirit or a search for the truth. He stands inactive but his yellow boots are symbolizing his intent to move forward creatively.

The Page of Pentacles Symbolism.
The Page of Pentacles symbolizes learning new skills and starting out in new jobs or careers, messages are about jobs and finance. This pages careful step forward symbolizes a move into unfamiliar territory. The green pasture symbolizes the fertility of that territory. His muscles symbolize the physical nature of the pentacles while the green garment symbolizes the emotional attachment we can feel for the projects we undertake.

The Page of Swords Symbolism.
The Page of Swords symbolizes minor setbacks, new challenges or bad news. The white clouds rising from the horizon symbolize the beginning of minor troubles. The youth is standing on top of a hill which tells us he's staying on top of things. He looks behind him to symbolize his need to be aware of others actions. The birds symbolize freedom. His purple garment symbolizes his wisdom. He holds the sword in both hands to symbolize his readiness for swift action.

Tarot Knights:

The Knight of Cups Symbolism.
The Knight of Cups symbolizes a welcome but cautious approach towards you, a romantic dreamer. He holds the cup in his left hand to symbolize a positive gesture. The horse is white and moves slowly to symbolize the innocence of his approach. The mans winged helmet symbolizes the minds ability to rise above his emotions. The mans winged footwear symbolizes his ability to travel swiftly to his hearts desire.
His hand is not gloved to symbolize his openness. (He is the only knight without gloves.)

The Knight of Wands Symbolism.
The Knight of Wands symbolizes daring adventures, travel, eagerness and fresh ideas. On his garment are salamanders, their tails don't meet their mouths which symbolize the incompleteness of his plans. His horse is orange to symbolize emotional movement, it faces left and he pulls on its reins to symbolize his reservations. The distant pyramids symbolize forgotten knowledge. Flames are coming from his armour to symbolize his enthusiasm.

The Knight of Pentacles Symbolism.
The Knight of Pentacles symbolizes dull but practical and trustworthy people, new job opportunities. He sits on an unmoving heavy horse while he studies what lies ahead without acting, this is symbolizing his personality. The trees are symbolizing healthy growth but he doesn't move towards them. The Pentacle he holds out in his right hand symbolizes a material offering. His orange garment symbolizes his emotions but here he sits on them. His helmet sports a young plant which symbolizes his budding ideas about material expansion.

The Knight of Swords Symbolism.
The Knight of Swords symbolizes battles that must be fought or enemies you must defeat by swift physical actions. The trees are bending in the wind to symbolize earthy turmoil but he is charging against the wind, The rough skies symbolize spiritual turmoil. The twin feathers on his helmet symbolize his insatiable quest for knowledge, this tells us he acts without knowing the full facts. The white horse tells us he charges in with good intentions, even if it is charging in the wrong direction.

Tarot Queens:

The Queen of Cups Symbolism.
The Queen of Cups represents a sensitive and considerate motherly figure, but she can sometimes take things the wrong way. The elaborate cup symbolizes her creative abilities. She stares at the cup to symbolize her understanding of emotions. Her white garment symbolizes her purity and her yellow crown symbolizes her authority and intelligence. The Cherub-like mermaids symbolize a link between her spirituality and emotions. Her throne sits on land but one foot touches the water to show us she's in tune with both the material and spiritual worlds.

The Queen of Wands Symbolism.
The Queen of Wands represents a kind loving and trusting woman, she's also adventurous and good with money. She sits with her legs apart to symbolize her receptiveness. A white cloak covers her yellow gown to symbolize a mask of purity covering her not so pure active mind. The dancing red lions symbolize her ability to calm and play with fire. A black cat often symbolizes misfortune but in Tarot it's a symbol of homely comforts and good fortune. She looks towards fresh pastures, symbolized by the white hills. This Queen sits on a firm base to show us she's well grounded.

The Queen if Pentacles Symbolism.
The Queen of Pentacles represents a hard working and caring woman, she is reliable and emotionally mature. She stares at the Pentacle she holds to symbolize the care and attention she pays when confronted with material matters. She sits contentedly, surrounded by the fruits of her labours. The rabbit symbolizes fertility and speedy actions. The rams head on the arm of her throne symbolizes strength and fertility. The bulls head on the side of her throne symbolizes stability and endurance.

The Queen of Swords Symbolism.
The Queen of Swords symbolizes a wise no-nonsense independent woman who has known sorrow and pain, she will fight for what she believes in. The single bird flying above her is a symbol of spiritual freedom. The cut rope on her right wrist (cut by the Sword of her intellect) tells us she has been freed from bondage and confusion. The windswept tree is behind her but leans towards her to symbolize past troubles that could still affect her. Her throne is on top of a hill to symbolize her authority. Her sword points straight up to symbolize her spiritual power.

Tarot Kings:

The King of Cups Symbolism.
The King of Cups symbolizes a sensitive and kind man, he's wise and obliging but he can be prone to act on his emotions before he thinks things through. His throne floats on an ocean of turbulent emotions, the ocean symbolizes our deeper emotions. A dolphin symbolizes mans affinity with his emotions, the leaping dolphin symbolizes his joy at being able to free himself from those emotions. The ship sailing on the ocean symbolizes a spiritual journey. This king is covering his emotions, symbolized by a blue garment, with a yellow cloak of intellect.

The King of Wands Symbolism.
The King of Wands symbolizes an honest, hard working family man. The salamander represents the spirit of fire, here the one on the ground symbolizes the kings ability to play with fire and come away unscathed, the ones shown on the throne and on his gown have their tails in their mouths making a circle, this symbolize completion. He holds nothing in his left hand to show us he leads by will power alone. This King is camouflaging his fiery heart (red or orange garment) with a more down to earth green cloak of nature.

The King of Pentacles Symbolism.
The King of Pentacles symbolizes a rich, intelligent and practical business type man who now enjoys all the home comforts his hard earned wealth brings. His eyes are closed to show he has no worries or foes to watch out for. The castle symbolizes his secure position of power. The sceptre in his right hand symbolizes his authority. The Bulls heads symbolize his virility and strength. Like the Knights his foot is armoured with pointed footwear, this symbolizes his readiness to "kick ass" if he needs to. (There was no other way to say it )

The King of Swords Symbolism.
The King of Swords symbolizes a logical man who has an air of dominance about him. The trees in this card are still, (as opposed to the trees in the other Sword court cards) this symbolizes his ability to calm things down just by his presence, the calmer clouds and birds flying in peaceful harmony (Spiritual unity) also show this ability in more a spiritual way. His sword doesn't point straight up, this symbolizes a readiness for action.

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