(One shot) Wishing brings us closer..
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Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
>>kirari and Nagahashi
--Kirari's POV--
I sat upon a shady tree called the 'wishing tree'. I'm thinking back into the past when I met a boy called "Nagahashi".
"Melissa, I'm too tired"I said because I have a fragile body, I get really sick when I run too much. Then I heard a beautiful music, it was a violin I swear. I walk over to a spot and I saw a boy who had really blonde hair who was playing a violin. When he finished I started to clap and he looked at me and he turned all red and was about to run away, but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. "What?"he said. "I really like that song what is the song's name?"I asked. "It's called WISH"he replied. "Wow! The song's name is really nice!"I gasp. "Really? Can I be friends with you?"he says. "Sure! I'm Takahshi Kirari!"I said. "I'm called Sato Nagahashi"he said. I and Nagahashi normally sit down and listen to music. Now it's been a weeks time that me and Nagahashi have been as best friends. "Nagahashi-kun can you teach me to play the violin?"I asked. "Sure"said Nagahashi. He tolded me where to put the violin was suppose to be. I practiced and practice with him. "Hey Sayaka-chan do you want to take the violin home?"asked Nagahashi. "Sure"I said.

When I walk home I sat on my bed and lied on the bed I touched the violin and my heart thumped really hard and I felt my heart and all these images of Nagahashi. I blushed super hard. On the next day I got really sick, I got sent to the hospital. I didn't see Nagahashi-kun for like a whole month, my heart ache, alot. After half a year I came outagin. I wen to the wishing tree, but I saw no one there, but a letter in the tree. I picked it up and opened it and it said:

Dear Kirari,
I'm leaving. I'm going to America. I hope we meet again someday. I wish we can meet agin,really. Because I've wanted to tell you something when we meet again someday.
From Nagahashi your best friend
sorry! I promise we'll meet again.

My eyes got all blury and I started to cry. My heart shattered into pieces, I hate you Nagahashi! I hate you! Why did you need to leave me???
<<end of flashback>>

I started to cry once again. "Baka! Why are you crying?"a voice behind the tree. I stood up and said"Who's a baka?". "You are!"said ??? and hugged me. "Na-Na-Nagahashi why are you here?"I said. "Nothing just wanna see you"Nagahashi said glancing around. "Really?"I asked. "Yes! Just close your eyes, Baka!"Nagahashi said. So, I did and he bent down and kissed me slightly. I opened my eyes and blushed. "Wh-Wh-what's that for?"I said blushing. "Nothing"says Nagahashi. I glare at him and then gives him THE STARE. "Okay! Stop it! Stop the that! okay?"asked Nagahashi. "Sure. Tell me"I said. "Well in exchange for an other kiss"says Nagahashi. "Sure. Now tell me"I say. "Well I like you, k?"said Nagahashi awkwardly. "Really?"I ask. "Yup!"replied Nagahashi. Well so do I"I say. "Really? How can you prove it?"asked Nagahashi. "Well with this"I said and then kissed him on the cheek. Both, Nagahashi and I blushed.

~~The End (complete)~~

>>Kirari and wishing tree
>>Wishing tree
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