Shugo Chara Roleplay
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Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
We will remove you if you do not obey the rules.

1. No killing, slaughtering, murdering, hypnotizing, or impaling anyone
2. No fastforwarding to marriage and/or having kids. Also, no underage sex please. : ( (which means that they can't have sex until they are 21, and don't fast forward to this) We have innocent minds among us. Keep it PG. (PG-13 at the most)
3. No hating of any of the characters so be nice to everyones kay?
4. There isn't really a desginated pair. So it's all give or take. However, do not center all of the characters around one person. (Like all the guy characters just keep fighting for Amu, even though that happens in the anime & manga)
5. No brother & sister romance (meaning that Utau can't have sex with Ikuto, but they can just use it for show)

Anyways, we will (aikoyamashina and Sana0302) be making a roleplay.

Here are the characters:

Amu- Sana0302 (luchia or Kairi)


Kirai- KennetRanime

Yaya- californiaroll206

Rima- yuki-hime-chan

Ikuto- aikoyamashina (Aiko)

Utau- funkymonkyrox


Miki-bunnylace (Kumiko-chan)


Made up characters-
1. Kyoko (jean)
What she looks like:

Grade: 10th
Age: 15
Role: Bad guy?

2. Lina (lina)
What she lookes like:

Grade: 10th
Age: 15
Role: A person. ._.

3. (Looking for guy characters)

(Tell me if I am missing any)

Also, there will only be amax of 3-4 made up characters.
It's first come, first serve. So hurry up.

We will not start the roleplay until all of the main characters are filled.
Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
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