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Post Reply Enter the grounds
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage yells at sophis from across the ring "COME ON BEING AND IDIOT IS WHAT MAKES IT FUN"

I run up to the beast and jump into the air and come down on it's head stabing my sword through killing it instantly.

Blood covers my armor i jump down and walk over to sophia "Your turn now"
Posted 6/22/08

The King raises his left arm and other cage opens... another dragon comes out.. bigger than the last... it roared in their direction..

Sophia walked toward it. she spun her sword just once...

The crowds loud boasting, making her more annoyed by the minute.... she held her sword back as she started to run towards it..

It blasted flames towards her.. she ripped through the flames with her sword and sliced its head off... it fell two ways..

She looked up at the king and he looked at her back.. he glared as she held her sword low..

She gestured rebellion, spinning her sword above her head making him angry and then smiled in her helmet as she pulled her sword down low..
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage did the same joining her for a sec laughing in his helmet as the king turned red with anger.

He raised both of his hands and 2 cages opend one on the left the other on the right 4 extermely strong monsters came out of each.

I sigh "so he had those locked away i get the feeling he's trying to kill us and making it seem like and accident during his wonderful entertainment."

Posted 6/22/08

"Heh.." Sophia held her sword tight.. "I'll take the ones on the left.". she said walking towards the roaring monsters...
Posted 6/22/08
"Hump" "Then ill take the right" i charge one of the monsters and he lifts his paw to hit me then i jump out of the way and kill another one it's head goes flying across the arena while he was focued on the one attacking me.
Posted 6/22/08
Sophia slashed the body one of in half as she continued to go down the line..

She twisted one's next while flipping of its head killing it without uses her sword, coming down she split the thirds head open..

Making blood spread over all the crowd.. The last one continued to spray flames at her she blocked with her sword and ripped through the flames stabbing the sword in it neck.

The last one fell to her feet..
Posted 6/22/08
I charge the second one and cut it's two front legs off and it fall down in front of me i cut it down the middle.

the second one charges me and when its within inches of me i side step so that im in the middle of it and pull my other sword out and hold them out cutting off all 4 of it's legs

I put my swords away and grab the last one by the tail and spin it around and let it go making it crash into the crowd 5ft from the king using that as a warning to never try this agian. i laugh in my helmet and get on one knee and say im sorry then get up an walk over to the other beast i left alive without it's legs and stabs it in the head putting it out of it'a mesery.
Posted 6/22/08
"Hmph.." Sophia walked towards the kings arch and jumped on its arch..

She pulled off her helmet and glared at him..the blood on armour dripping everywhere on his expensive cloth and food...

"Dont ever forget my face, " she said grinning.

"It's the last one you will ever see," she flipped backwards as rampage punched the wall she stood on.. making her fall down..

On her way down she pulled helmet back on.
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage looks at her while she falls "you better land on your feet or ill never let you live it down"

I look up to the king and take off my helmet "Im with her don't forget that i could've killed you when i through that beast but i perfer to her your screams as i push my sword through you chest."

I then begin to laugh.
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
Sophia smiles throught the helmet.. as she lands on the ground almost inaudibly depsite the armour..

She put her sword back into her sheathed... and walked out the door they entered.
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage follows behind her but throws a dagger at the king mm from his head to let him know there not playing.
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
walking back into the long hallway she tore off her helmet and slammed into a few breakable vases.
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage takes off his helmet and puts it under his arm "whats eating you sophia didn't you do what you went there to do"
Posted 6/22/08
She let out a sigh, "yeah.."

She pulled some loose strands of hair back from her face..

"Just pissed that we had to go through it again, you'd think he learned the lesson last time,"
Posted 6/22/08
Rampage lookin away from her "yeah you would think but you know his type they think there all big and bad cause there kings and cause people fear them but the ones they truely fear are his knight under him who have the true power because without us he's nothing."

Lookin at sophia "you shoul've let me kill him last time then we wouldn't be going through this but you had to give him one last chance i told you they never learn"
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