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Posted 6/18/08
Characters in Princess Returning Pearl, 還珠格格 (Season 2 and 3 characters included)?
乾隆皇帝- The Emperor
小燕子- Xiao Yanzi
夏紫薇- Xia Ziwei
永琪- Yong Qi
福爾康- Fu Erkang
皇后- Empress
金鎖- Jin Suo
福爾泰- Fu Er Tai
容嬤嬤- Rong Mo Mo/Nanny Rong
柳青- Liu Qing
柳紅- Liu Hong
令妃- Ling Fei/Consort Ling
賽婭- Sai Ya
含香- Han Xiang
蒙丹- Meng Dan
晴兒- Qing Er
簫劍- Xiao Jian
夏盈盈- Xia Ying Ying
慕沙- Mu Sha
知畫- Zhi Hua
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Posted 6/20/08
haha .. still got zhi hua's parents and sisters , but its okay , they're not important .
most imptly i dont like zhi hua too xD
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Posted 9/1/08
>.< Why not? I watched this when I was a kid.... lolz.
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Posted 10/3/08
All the original cast have been changed in season 3 except for er kang and qing er as they were unavailable to do the show. So there is not much a point to see season 3 as u will not be expecting the original cast and the plot is horrible
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Posted 1/8/10
its too bad the HZGG 3 cast changed dramatically, so if they are making a remake, PLEASE put the original cast members in because they really suited from seasons 1 & 2, jst 3, the characters didnt suit well, it also gained less popularity
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