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Post Reply Your Negima Character Rankings?
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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08
ah totally agreed! shes so cute! if kotaro was a student he would be in my top 15 also =3
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Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08
1. Sakurazaki Setsuna (Shimeiryuu Setsuna is the best!)
2. Evageline A.K. Macdowell (Can't resist her chibi's looks!)
3. Kagurazaka Asuna (Her personality is one of a kind!)
4. Ayase Yue (She would be second place after Setsuna on the cutest list =3)
5. Hasegawa Chisame (I d7.on't know why she is in fifth...)
6. Konoe Konoka (Together with Setsuna, they pwn!)
7. Karakuri Chachamaru (Chachamaru is funny when she get wind up by Negi =])
8. Miyazaki Nodoka (She's pretty popular in here ain't she?)
9. Zazie
10. Satoeme Haruna (Creepy mangaka, she boils up the story.)
11. Izumi Ako
12. Kasuga Misora
13. Yukihiro Ayaka (She keeps her promises, that I know...)
14. Akishi Yuna
15. Nagase Kaeda
16. Kuu Fei
17. Tatsumiya Mana

Way too lazy to list the rest...
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