COMPETITION~Nature Photogrpahy
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24 / F / Manila,Philippines
Posted 6/19/08
This is a very easy just have to submit/post a picture that includes nature in it.
May it be a plant,a flower, the sea, the mountains, insects, the grass, the leaves, or even roots.

Warning: Animals and humans are not allowed in the picture, except insects.

Write your username and the title of your photo:::

username: Shu_chan
Title: The Butterfly Effect

"LET'S ALL APPRECIATE MOTHER NATURE, and participate in this contest!!!"

---this contest is open to all, but remember, one entry per participant
---participants could reach up to 30 or 50, there are no slots everybody can join, just post your photos before July 15
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26 / F / europeee!!!
Posted 6/19/08
shu-chan!! did someone told you that im the one posting those competitions?!
why didnt you confirm in the "mods discussion forum"?! dont do this again will ya!!!
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