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Post Reply Is it okay if i use 4 different products everyday..??:(?
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Posted 7/22/08

gshadows wrote:

kayrara wrote:

yeah, its better not to wash your hair everyday because the oils in your hair is what's important. the oils keep shine and actually protects your hair. Washing that away will HAVE to lead you to using a lot of products because you're hair is limp and dry

WOW! i didn't know that washing your hair everyday is bad. but then howcome my older bro's hair, who washes twice a day everyday, is all smooth and shiny? i asked him how he do that but all he says it "it's all in the shampoo + conditioner"

does your brother use a lot of products? and do those products have a lot of ingredients you can't even pronounce (haha)?
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Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/25/08
i only read the first couple of comments.

isn't shampoo taking away the oils? That's why it's called cleaning ur hair..and u feel so dry after.
Conditioner is more like putting the oil in it.

but do you even fully wash it out like you're suppose to? if so, your hair will NOT feel oily. o.0....

(no im not bashing, just stating my opinion on the oily thing)
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Posted 9/4/08
Washing your hair everyday might be worse but at the end of it, there are plenty of products to help your hair recover.
I guess washing it twice a day is a little extreme but nothing wrong with washing it everyday. Especially in the heat since hair gets greasier AND dirtier quicker.

You just got to wash it more frequently if your hair tends to get greasier more quickly or not if your hair doesn't!

And also treat your hair to masques and deep conditioners, they do a world good if you torture your hair with hairdryers, straighteners etc ..
Posted 9/10/08
I use shampoo and conditioner twice daily...
But thats because Its really hot here and I use wax... (can't find gatsby moving rubber so i used something else)
Posted 9/13/08
the more u wash ur hair the worse it gets if u wash it twice aday every day and wax ur hair aswell then pretty soon ur hair will start having split ends due to the drying effect of the shampoo and NEVER use different branded products cuz that will iincrease the damage and soon enough when u r in ur 20s u will start haveing hair loss problems...when i was in china the humidity made me wash my hair like 3-4 times a day and that messed my hair up sooo bad that it became ultra dry and hard to comb and i next week i didn't wash my ahir at all and the oil build up in my hair over the week made my hair back to normal again but that is a week with out washing ur hair! so NEVER wash ur hair 2wice a day!
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