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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (ファイナルファンタジー・クリスタルクロニクル リング・オブ・フェイト, Fainaru Fantajī Kurisutaru Kuronikuru Ringu Obu Feito?) is an RPG for the Nintendo DS developed and published by Square Enix. It is a prequel to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo GameCube. The game takes advantage of both the local wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities of the system and features voice acting.

The new installment of Crystal Chronicles uses a similar control scheme to the GameCube title, with A to use Commands and pick up treasure; Y to hold items and enemies (including flying enemies); and the B button to jump (and for Selkies to double Jump) which adds a layer to strategy, with multitiered levels in the 3D environment.

Most of the gameplay takes place on the top screen. The touch screen shows inventory and status as well as stylus access for different weapon attacks. There are also special race-specific attacks in the game. By pressing the right trigger button, the screens will swap allowing enemies to be attacked by certain races just by touching them with the stylus. If done correctly, chained attacks can be performed.


* Clavats: formerly an all-rounder class, Clavats are now warriors. They have high attack, defense and HP, but low magic and SP. They wield swords and hatchets.

* Yukes: the Yukes remain a mage class. They have high magic and SP, but low defense, HP and attack. They wield staves, and attack by firing purple orbs from the staves in a medium-range attack.

* Selkies: the Selkies have been changed into an archer class. Their SP and attack are very high, with average HP and magic, and low defense. They use bows. Selkies also have the unique ability to double-jump.

* Lilties: Lilities have changed from warriors into alchemists. They are capable of creating magicite in their pots, and using the pots for various special attacks and techniques. They wield hammers, maces, and more awkwardly, spoons.

As in the previous game, Magicite is required to perform spells, of which 6 types are available; Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure, Clear and Raise (formerly Life). Unlike in the previous game, magicite is consumed when used and remains in the player's inventory between dungeons. All characters have a shared inventory for magicites, as well as potions and ethers. Magicite, potions and ethers are used by selecting them from the touch screen, holding the X button to create a magic ring, and then releasing it upon its desired target. Magic rings can also be "locked" in position with the L button, allowing a character to cast multiple spells at the same time. Magic rings can also be piled on top of one another to create more powerful spells.

As in most RPGs, Ring of Fates features a level-up system, where defeating monsters earns experience points, and sufficient experience points raises a character's level, along with their stats. Ring of Fates features five stats: Hit points, Special points (used for special attacks), Power, Defense and Magic. Experience is shared between party members, with members of lower or higher level getting more or less experience. All races learn new skills after gaining a certain amount of experience, such as charged attacks.

Rings of Equipment can be bought or crafted at one of the four stores in the game. Players will find materials and scrolls in the various dungeons; bringing the required materials along with the scroll to the store will enable players to make over 300 different weapons, armor and accessories that change appearance depending on which race makes them. Unlike in the original Crystal Chronicles, the characters' appearance changes depending on what armour they are wearing.

In single player, the player controls a party of up to four characters. Unlike the original Crystal Chronicles, the characters are not created by the player, but are instead pre-created, with their own names and personalities. As the adventure progresses, the player meets four characters -- one from each race. Characters can be switched by tapping their icon on the left side of the touch screen.

In multiplayer mode, the player creates their own character, which remains totally separate from their single-player characters. However, the characters are visually exact copys ot their Story mode counterparts, with the exceptions of the new Selkie female and Liltie male. The Yuke female is an exact copy of the male, modeled after Story mode character Alhanalem.

Multiplayer always uses multi-card mode, with each player contributing their own character. It is also possible to play multiplayer mode with only one person, allowing you to develop your multiplayer character.

There is also a Moogle Trade mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection; this is used to trade customized moogles the player creates. Also the moogle can be used to trade items with other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi by dropping items in the vicinity of the moogle.The idea is the other player picks up the moogle and obtains the items it drops.

In a Multiplayer game or playing on your own option you can change the color of your characters hair when you have beaten the bird boss on Mt. Vaal. After every new quest (given out by the king) beaten you can change it again. The haircolors available are:

Male Clavats - Brown (Original), Dark Blue/Marine, Purple or Blonde/Yellowish.
Female Clavats - Blond/Honeycoloured (Original), Blue/Purple, Brown or Pink.
Male Selkies - Red (Original), Turquoise, Green/Ocean or Blonde.
Female Selkies - Red (Original), Blue, Green or Light Blonde.
Male Lilties - Blond/Honeycoloured (Original), Turquoise, Dark Blue or Green.
Female Lilties - Green (Original), Orange, Turquoise or Pink.

Ring of Fates is a prequel to the original Crystal Chronicles, taking place thousands of years beforehand, before Miasma plagued the world, during the legendary "Golden Age" where all the races lived in peace (mentioned in Crystal Chronicles), and when the Great Crystal, into which "all fates are etched", protected the people from the "malefic glow of the blood-red moon".

In the original Crystal Chronicles, the shards of the Great Crystal, shattered by the fall of the Meteor, are used by the numerous settlements throughout the land to ward off the Miasma, using myrrh to renew this effect when it wanes, and Rebena Te Ra is explored as the monster-filled ruins of one such settlement that was rendered as such almost immediately after the Meteor fell due to its close proximity to the Meteor's point of impact, while in Ring of Fates, the Great Crystal is complete, using memories as the source of its protective effect in much the same way that myrrh powers the miasma-repelling effect of its remnants, and Rebena Te Ra stands as an illustrious city and capital of the Golden Age.

* Yuri (ユーリィ, Yūrī?) is the main protagonist in the game, Latov's son and Chelinka's twin brother. He is a fairly typical fantasy protagonist, who starts out uncertain of his abilities but becomes brave through the course of the game. He has some skill in magic, but it increases significantly when he is in the presence of his sister. Voiced by Mona Marshall in English version and Kumiko Higa in Japanese version.

* Chelinka (チェリンカ, Cherinka?) is Yuri's older twin sister. Although she is never playable and almost never seen outside of cutscenes, she travels with the main party through every event, even those deep inside dungeons. She is scared of ghosts. She carries with her a mysterious crystal shard, which marks her as Starsigner like her mother and through which she and Yuri can derive magical power. She loses the ability to speak when she activates her crystal's power to defeat Chaspel after he murdered Latov, and communicates telepathically, but regains the power speech when Yuri is near death. Voiced by Nami Kurokawa in Japanese version.

* Latov (ラトフ, Ratofu?) is Yuri and Chelinka's father. He brought up the twins on his own, and loves them dearly. He was formerly a knight of the King's castle who confronted Galdes and battled him. He is killed by Cu Chaspel when he attempted to protect Chelinka from him. Voiced by Paul St. Peter in the English version.

* Meeth (ミース・クリム, Mīsu Kurimu?) is a Lilty who serves as the cook for the village where the main characters live, although she has much more powerful alchemical abilities. Meeth is older than the children, but being a Lility she is quite short -- hence Yuri and Chelinka sometimes treat her like a child. She pretends to dislike this treatment, but obviously enjoys it. She used to tutor the King's daughter. Voiced by Michiru Wada in Japanese version.

* Alhanalem (アルハナーレム, Aruhanāremu?) is a Yuke, and is affectionately known as "Al" by Yuri and Chelinka due to his habit of ending his sentences with an "al" sound. Like all Yukes, he has impressive magical abilities and a tendency to scholarly pursuits. He once served as the Royal Mage. Voiced by Keiichi Sonobe in Japanese version.

* Gnash (ナッシュ, Nasshu?) is a Selkie who was brought up in the wild. Speaks in somewhat disjointed language. His wild upbringing has given him impressive athletic abilities and proficiency with a bow. Voiced by Miho Hino in Japanese version.

* Cu Chaspel (クー・チャスペル, Kū Chasuperu?) is one of the game's main antagonists, possessing a monstrous appearance due to his mask and robes. He is one of the Lunites (those corrupted by the evil power of the moon,) and is the personal servant of the Lunite King. He was given the task to take Chelinka so his master can succeed in bringing the Red Moon to their world., killing Latov as a result. Years later, Chaspel is defeated by Yuri. Voiced by Liam O'Brien in English version.

* Hierophant Galdes is the main antagonist of the game, and the Hierophant of Rebena te Ra. Galdes is the Lunite King, and plots to harnesses the power of the Great Crystal through a Starsinger so he can recreate the world in his image and rule it. Voiced by Michael Sorich in English version.

* Stiltzkin A moogle returning from the GCN game. This time around he helps players through signs found throughout the game. He is the leader of a band of moogles who have the job of helping travelers.

The creation of a Crystal Chronicles sequel was announced at the E3 in 2004. The Game was first announced for Game Boy Advance. IGN called Ring of Fates one of the "key games" to look out for in 2007. In an interview, Ring of Fates director Mitsuru Kamiyama explained that single player mode is very "deep", and was a larger undertaking than the original Crystal Chronicles. Additional quests were added to the American release. Kamiyama noted that a feature he particularly enjoyed was the ability to see the character wearing and using the equipment that was purchased.

The original soundtrack by Kumi Tanioka (who worked on the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) for the game was released on September 19, 2007 in Japan.

Aiko performs the ending theme, "A World with No Stars" (星のない世界, Hoshi no Nai Sekai?).

The game has a special "Gemini edition" bundled with a stylized DS-lite. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates received the scores of 9 / 8 / 9 / 9 - (35/40) from Famitsu magazine. Nintendo Power gave the game a 7.0 out of 10, claiming it was "good, not great" and "Ring of Fates would be acceptable; for Final Fantasy, it is a major concern". It was rewarded "Editor's Choice Award" on

Kane Ikin from Alchemy SBS Radio gave the game 3.5 out of 5 saying that "... It has a lot of excellent features but it really is a game best shared with a friend..." Square Enix created a Ring of Fates card memory game on their website to celebrate the game's launch.

In Japan, the game sold 360,000 copies as of December 2007.

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