Give a reason why u love Hey Say Jump songs?
Posted 6/19/08 , edited 6/20/08
Hi evryone! Nice to meet u all here! A warm welcome to u all here! Anyway I making out this new pol bcuz it looks like there only a less of poll here so i guess better I making a new poll! So why u luv Hey Say Jump songs? Give a reason! If u want!

If u ask me bout what my favorite singer in Hey Say Jump, i suggest all of them! It not like i chasing them or what but i just quiet admired them! They can create a song and make us so happy and cheerful! Thnk to their song, i can back my happy-dopey character! When i at school i always like lonely a bit! Just sometime! When i at home i just listen to their musics i feel like jumping up n down feeling so happy! I never been so cheerful like that b4! Hahaha! Thnk to their song~ n also thier songs can healed so many things! It can lossing my stress and my lonelyness and my sadness too! Their songs can make me happily dancing n singing at my room! To say the thruth i never b like this b4! I hope I can make everyone happy like them! But my ambition is to b a tcher n i very bad at singing even i sing once at a concert of my school! Anyway hope u all always support them! And also for Hey Say Jump: thnk for creating so much wonderful songs plz create more! I really luv the song that u create! I support u all, Hey Say Jump!


Here is a picture of Hey Say Jump! They really a true singer! A singer must make everyone happy with their songs! And they did it! I really quiet envy to them who can make everyone happy! Anyway I also admired them!

Thnk for the songs, Hey Say Jump!

Thnk you very much for support Hey Say Jump!
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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
their songs alwayz makes me happy every time i hear it
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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/15/08
Well, i like their songs and them!!!!!! it just makes me fresh...i think;
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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09
I Love their song, because it's good. I can't wait for their new song!
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