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Posted 6/19/08
1. 3 things he looks for in his girlfriend
- Black Hair
- humble/conservative
- Kind-hearted
" The girls I've liked are usually have black hair. I might be too pressurized or overpowered so I prefer humble and conservative. (laughs) When I'm with someone kind, I feel a sense of happiness."

2. 3 member family
- Noisy n fun family
"Father, mother and I. Just what I feel personally but my family is fun and noisy. My father likes to tease my mother, so once in a while I also join in"

3. 4 pets
- Gets really attached(Laughs)
"I have 2 dogs, 2 cats so in total 4! We had them since I was really young. Really, being with them makes me really attached to them."

4. About 5 buddies
- We enjoy playing billiard
"When all my buddies gather, we almost always play billiard. There, we talk about the happenings in our lives and enjoy each other company"

5. 100 manga collection
- In short, totally in luv with manga!
"Recently, I read it between drama shoots and when on the road. The genres I like are sports and yankee, etc. "Hajime no Ippo" is like my Bible and lately I am really into "Crows"."

6. No. of times been to Yuzu's Live = ZERO
- I want to go to one this year!
"Frankly speaking, I've not been to any. Up till this year, I am just contented with watching the Live DVD. This year, I will make sure I go to one!"

7. Guitar repertoire is about 20 songs
- This was also shown in Yuzu's PV
"All are Yuzu's songs. I have mastered from the minor songs to the major ones. First song I could play was "Natsuiro". I actually was given the opportunity to cast as a young man in Yuzu's "Umaku Ienai" PV playing the guitar. The song I played at the shoot was "Eiko no Kakehashi". SO if you have the chance to watch the PV, please put attention on my mouth. I was mouthing to the lyrics of "Eiko no Kakehashi".

8. About 120 items in my Mobile's address book
- I also have the numbers of the people from the drama
" Mostly my friends, and family members. Of cuz, that includes the buddies from the drama. We'll be like "What time's the shooting tomorrow?", just like how real friends in school communicate. (laughs)

9. Number of mobile messages recieved per day is 5-20.
- Using horse's pictograph
"At the least time, it is about 5, when there's alot, there's about 20. I used to use alot of pictograph but not so much now. But, the one i used to use alot is using "Haruma" into a "Uma" pictograph. When I'm happy or at the end of the message exchange I will put it like a trademark sign."

10. Average sleep time: 5 HOURS
- Falls asleep easily but waking up is bad.
"Since there's drama shooting, its about 5 hours average. Usually it is about 6 and half to 7 hours. Falls asleep easily. Really in a flash I will crash into the bed n fall asleep. But waking up is bad (bitter laugh). I usually try to wake up when there's work but when there's nothing on, I just slack off. (laughs) It's especially difficult in winter, I can hardly get out of the futon. I use my mobile to wake me up instead of alarm clock."

11. Takes 45 min from waking up to getting out of the house.
- firstly, I will stare into space for a while.
" First I go to the toilet, then I stare into space/day dream for a while. This is the part that takes the longest time (laughs). I'm the breakfast type. When I'm running late for school, I might once in a while skip breakfast. (bitter laugh)

12. Bath time 15 min
- I also read manga in the bath.
" Recently I only take shower. But what I really think is ideal would be soaking in a nice bath. Now I am so busy, so I don't really have time for that though. When I soak in the bath, most likely i'll read manga. Sometimes I get so engrossed in the sotry I get dizzy from the bath. (laughs)"

13. Percentage Body Fats = 13%
- I'm training up my body.
"My body weight doesnt change much. So I also dont do anything special to maintain my weight. But I train up my muscles. I started when I was preparing character of "Nanako". My back ache was cured. (laughs) It really works to stretch out your back and maintain at position for a minute. I still do it before I sleep."

14. Eye sight is 2.0 for both eyes.
- My eyes are good!
"Even as I read alot of manga and play alot of games...(laughs) It has been 2.0 since I was young."

15. Amount of cash on hand is 8000 yen today
- Usually it is about 3000 yen and below (laughs)
"I don't walk around with so much cash usually. When I go to school it will be 3000 or less. Today since there is work, I have along more than usual."

16. Cleans the room once or twice a month.
- Clean all up at once
"It's really dirty, sorry. (laugh). I'm not really good at tidying and cleaning. Once in a blue moon I just do a major clean up once and for all."

17. Time needed to cook is 20 min.
- It's fun cooking with friends.
"I don't usually cook but when I go over to my friend's house, we will cook. Chicken Karaage and yellow tail teriyaki, etc. Full-scaled dishes. And its tasty. I enjoy chatting with friends while cooking."

18. about 20 pairs of underpants
- Like green underpants
"At the "Binbou Danshi" shooting, it was quite the in thing to give underpants to me as present. That's why I have quite alot of them now. (laughs). The one I like most is the one from Oguri Shun san, the green underpants."

LOOK INTO THE BAG! - Album Haruma is into right now
- Recently I have been listening to it alot
"Yuzu's newest album called "Wonderful World". Recommended would be "Umaku Ienai" which I have appeared in the PV. (laughs). Watch and feel the drama and the music together and you will get yourself hooked to the song and the feelings. It's my current "My Happy Tune"."
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Posted 6/22/08
soo cute!!
Posted 6/22/08

First I go to the toilet, then I stare into space/day dream for a while. This is the part that takes the longest time (laughs).

He's so adorable~
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30 / F / m'sia
Posted 6/27/08

oh.! he's de only child .!!! wooow.! i tot he gt brother or sister .. =.=
bt anyway he is cute.! ^.^
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24 / F / Illinois
Posted 8/8/08
now i really love him..
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25 / F / East Brunswick, N...
Posted 8/16/08
thx so much for this..aieeee,,,were like have do much in common..manga addicts! yay!! and yea its hard for me too to get up.. ill just stared up into space just like him..oh and yea! i have black hair!!! lolXD
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