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Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/22/08
Ever wonder which kind of demon are you? Well heres your chance to find out! Take the test!

Here are the possible scores you might get:

You are a NO STAR Demon! -You are a demon that dosent have any strength inside of you! You cant survive in the netherword that easily.Next thing you know you are dead! So improve your skills!

You are a 1 Star Demon! ( ) -You are quite like Fallen Angel Flonne-chan! The lowest of low. Although you are a demon you still have a good side inside of you. Some demons might talk about you in a different way but still your proud of it!

You are a 2 Star Demon! ( ) - You are like the prinnies! You always take other demons request and have no interest in fighting. Tough in up a little and soon you might find a new challenge!

You are a 3 Star Demon! ( ) -A spolied brat you are and never wants to be push around! You are quite lazy at times but still has the courage to fight!

You are a 4 Star Demon! ( ) -You are like Etna-san! When theres nothing to do around you always find a way! like robbing a bank, stealing other demons stuff, etc. You heart is a true demon! And if you feel lazy at times dont forget to call your servants!

You are a 5 Star Demon! ( ) - A demon is what you truely are! You mind and soul is in it! Your the highest among the highest! The greatest of the great! You should be proud of yourself cuz you are like Laharl-san! Yes, lazy as you are but strogest of them all! Your life in the netherworld is just perfect! Servants doing your work, defeating all demons...You are the best! So keep it up!

So wanna take the test now?!
NOTE: *After taking the test you will receive your star class card*

Test Guidlines:
*The first test is a questionaire. After reading the questions PM me ( whatevrgal ) your answers After I reply to you, I will tell you the results*

Here are the questions!!

1. Are you a smart-ass? (yes or no)
2. If you were to go on a picnic would you be the one to pack the basket? (yes or no)
3. Are you power-hungry? (yes or no)
4 Which color do you choose White or Black?
5. Are you particularly annoying? (yes or no)
6. When somebody challenges you to all duel.. (do accept it, run away, ingnores it)
7. Do you have a secret? (yes or no)
8. What would you do if its the first time you came to the netherworld? (run and scream, look around, greet every demon, start a fight)
9. When someone is calling for help, what do you do? (try to help out, ingnores it, use magic to heal, kill it) 10. Are you being honest? (yes or no)

Heres how you enter when you PM me:
Current Position:
Your Answers:

So hurry get you Demon class card now! ^^

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