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Post Reply if you had the chance to spend a day with one of the members of buono!. who would it be and why?
Posted 2/18/09 , edited 2/19/09
Miyabi or Airi i cant pick i like them both
but if i have 2 it has 2 be Miya becuz she's my fav
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Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09

PoisonBabee wrote:

Gotta be Miyabi since she seems sweet & cute :D

Really? She seems mature and spunky to me >.<

I'll have to go with Suzuki- san. I don't know why, LoL!
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
I want to be Momoko, well that is because she talks quit alot wen i saw her on youtube and she is fun it feels like wen u r with her u will neva get bored and she is my favorite one out of Buono XD
Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09
i think it's very fun to b with her^^
new onee chan for a day^^
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Posted 6/22/09 , edited 6/22/09
airi of course~
Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/4/09
I'll choose to be with Momo!

She is fun to be with.... and seems to be friendly....

i want to be her Tomodachi....(still in my dreams...)


she seems have lots of things to tell....and she's really KAWAII
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09
i want to be with someone funny and naughty like her..
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/2/10
lols. i'll have 2 choose Natsuyaki Miyabi. she seems cool 2 b with. x3
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Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/10/10
Airi for me cause we like similar things,and our hobbies are singing,plus shes closer to my age.Its not that i dont like the other 2 its jsut i'd get along with Airi better
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23 / F / Texas, USA
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/2/10
Airi because she is my favorite and we're the same age.
Posted 8/14/10 , edited 8/14/10
i pick Airi because she's good at singing and i wanna know wat her personality is like... she seems kinda fun
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Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/17/10
i'll be Airi cuz she is my fav
she is so talanted i want to be friends with her even if it's just for one day
i think she is a good person
and we mustn't forget that she is SUPER CUTE!!!!
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/25/11
I'd want to spend a day with Airi, just because I feel like I'd be more comfortable with her. Miyabi is my favorite, but seeing Airi's interactions with everyone makes me think I'd enjoy hanging out with her.

I once had a dream that I was friends with these lovely ladies from Buono! and I remember being and talking with Airi the most? It was a really cool dream, one where I had perfect Japanese apparently.
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11

miyabi is my favorite, but seeing momoko and how she is with other ppl makes me want to spend the day with her :DD
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Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/15/13
It's hard to choose because I love them all.
But if I have this chance, I'll pick Miyabi.
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