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Posted 7/16/08
Hi Hi..! Nice to meet everyone~suu..!

Well my name is Elizabeth... but you all can call me Koha-Pink ^.^... or just Koha *tee hee hee*
I love anime..! Especially romance.
My fave animes are Kamichama Karin and Kirarin Revolution^.^
Posted 7/19/08
HI~!! my name is tylE-chAn~ people calls me tylE in my real life~
I'm 13 years old~
I love anime, mangas, music<rock>
I love black~ Black looks good~
I'm one of those loyal filipinos~
Posted 7/30/08
~~>Konichiwa watashiwa no name e wa Yuki no miyako*
Nice too meet you =3
love this group >U<
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21 / F / On a fantastical...
Posted 11/18/08
Hey, I'm Lin.
I'm 13.
B-day=January 6th
I'm a Capricorn
Love books.
Hates miles.
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