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Posted 7/31/08

rheafaye wrote:

name: rheafaye
age: 12
sex: female
elements: wind, ice,fire, dark.. ( can i be teacher in wind? and assistent in ice? )
powers: shadow manipulation, ice, wind, fire, dark, able to summon demons
animal: This is Yuki

why do you want to be in this school? i want to have fun w/ the others
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the assistents will be chosen by the teachers of that class but i can make you a teacher of wind if you like
but you must promise to be online often and check your students grades and work
please also take a look at the other classes before making your own class
you have to make a classroom forum and a grades forum so the students can see how they are doing
if you have questions just ask and i will be right there
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
name:Aika Hiou
element (max 2) (must include dark or light) :light and wind
why do you want to be in this school?i want to defaet magic high school
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